Rosalía, we explain what the Dr. Simi dolls that they threw at you mean

Don’t worry Rosalía, we’ll explain the new “tradition” throwing Dr. Simi dolls at concerts. It all started in November 2021, when the Norwegian singer Aurora showed up at the Corona Capital . The atmosphere was very warm, and out of nowhere a fan threw a Dr. Simi at himwhich she picked up and hugged, becoming … Read more

A Slovan fan threw a missile in a life-threatening way in Groupama

The police identified and interrogated the fan who threw a rocket at the FTC-Slovan match in July in a life-threatening manner. According to the report, during the Ferencváros – Slovan Bratislava BL football match held at the Groupama Arena on July 20, 2022, the man fired a pyrotechnic device from the away sector, which … Read more

My friend Anežka makes me a better person, says Dostál. And he threw himself into his studies

Last weekend, kayaker Josef Dostál won the gold medal in the 500-meter race at the World Speed ​​Canoe Championships. “The coach told me to enjoy the race and confirm who is the king on this track. So I listened to him and especially the last 150 meters I really enjoyed the journey to the finish,” … Read more

The strongman threw the hammer out of bounds and hit a passerby, who died

A really sad event happened at the Highland Games (Scottish Games), which primarily test the strength of athletes. An unfortunate death occurred during this event in the Netherlands. One of the strongmen threw the hammer over the fence and hit a 65-year-old passerby. He eventually succumbed to his injuries. The Highland Games are a celebration … Read more

VIDEO: This was the time a fan threw Gloria Trevi on stage and this is how the singer reacted

Within the musical guild in Mexicoone of the women with the most experience and recognition is Gloria Treviwho in 40 years of experience has established herself as a revolutionary woman, especially thanks to her eccentric and peculiar style, as well as standing out for her voice and beauty, because since she was a child she … Read more

A woman in Germany threw her three-year-old and one-year-old daughter off a balcony, then jumped after them

Investigators rejected the initial assumption that it was a tragic accident. The children could not get out of the balcony by themselves, they would not climb over the railing. It appears from the interrogations that the woman was upset. The children’s father was in the apartment with several other relatives when the fall occurred. It … Read more

Mayor withdraws his wife from the DIF after he threw chili water at a woman

The municipal president of San Pablo del Monte, Tlaxcala, Raul Juarez Contreras reported that his wife, Rocio Epazote Guzman will not continue as honorary president of the DIF municipal, so that he faces the legal consequences for the aggression he committed against a woman, acts that he himself recognized as being of “public interest” that … Read more

2022: the summer in which Cristiano Ronaldo threw the mask. A capricious egotist who no longer wants anyone | First page

A professional example of himself. The summer of 2022 allowed us to finally know the true dimension of Cristiano Ronaldo: absolute egotism. A total self-referentiality with respect to which everything else is a detail. Including companies that pay him heavily e the teams that put themselves on the service receiving in exchange, at best, some … Read more

He killed his wife and threw her into a septic tank. The body was found quite by accident after 37 years

He stabbed the girl 46 years ago. The family tree has now revealed the killer, the police were shocked by the name The world only learned that it was a cruel lie in July 2019, when Venables’ remains were discovered by the new owners of the farm after the old farmer moved out. The new … Read more