Prince Charles of England turns 72: the eternal heir to the British throne

“I have been heir to the throne since I was four years old”, Prince Charles said in front of the camera. He did it in 2018 for the BBC documentary ‘Prince, Son and Heir’, in which he talked about how he lived his position. In 2011, at the age of 63, he entered the Guinness … Read more

Charles of England turns 72 without inheriting the throne

“I have been heir to the throne since I was four years old“Said Prince Charles in front of the camera. He did it in 2018, for the BBC documentary ‘Prince, son and heir’, in which he talked about how he lived his peculiar position. In 2011, at the age of 63, entered the Guinness Book … Read more

The Nation / South Korea regains the throne of the ‘League of Legends’

The South Korean team Damwon won the world championship of the popular video game ‘League of Legends’ last Saturday, the most anticipated event of the year for eSports, before 6,300 live viewers in Shanghai and millions around the world through the internet. Damwon beat Chinese team Suning (3-1) in the final, recovering for South Korea, … Read more

The poisoned candy from the throne of Barcelona • Hola News

BARCELONA FOOTBALL Barcelona, ​​Nov 2 (EFE) .- While waiting for the Management Commission chaired by Carles Tusquets to call elections, the fog is expelled from the Barcelona electoral scene to begin to show an increasingly clear image, despite the current The club’s economic situation threatens to bring many displeasure to the new occupant of the … Read more

FIFA Club World Cup 2019 – News – Flamengo challenges champion River for the throne of South America

Flamengo and River Plate meet in the final of the Copa Libertadores The current champions against Mengao, finalist 38 years later How do both teams arrive? What game do they play? We analyze it Two signature teams, who bet on attacking football and live one of the best moments in their history, hand in hand … Read more

Queen Elizabeth II on her way to “lose the throne” in Barbados

The Government of Barbados announced its intention to remove Queen Isabel II until November 2021, when the country celebrates the 55th anniversary of independence from Great Britain. “The time has come to completely leave our colonial past behind. We want a Barbadian head of state, ”said Barbados governor Sandra Mason. In a speech written by … Read more

Importance of bread in food – Life

The sourdough rose until it was like the gastronomic trend of the first semester; Despite being more laborious, its emotional character gave it therapeutic status by feeding not only a feast of live ferments to the stomach, but by making patience its yeast. And in recent weeks, the rise of sour breads transported different cultures … Read more

Elizabeth II could cede the throne to Charles faster than expected

This is a question that many English people ask themselves: when will Elizabeth II retire? According to experts in the British royal family, this could happen sooner than expected. The coronavirus crisis has indeed changed the game. For safety, the queen, aged 94, limits all her movements and has withdrawn to avoid any risk of … Read more