I can’t laugh. Som Cheng fights. Teng. The children are confused. Throw in 5 hundred thousand. Let’s raise a new face in Korea.

Can’t laugh! Som Cheng said that he was born never quarreling. Teng, Teng, his brother, told his children they were upset – they were offended, throwing five hundred thousand, raising a new face in Korea in full stream. Follow the news, press follow, live news Before, there was a drama between the famous comedy brothers. … Read more

Shopkeepers of the ‘s-Gravelandseweg put the flowers outside. ‘One, two, hop’ | The Throw

Shopkeepers Emile Jansen (left) and Ernst Wallenburg brighten up their ‘s-Gravelandseweg with 32 flower boxes.© photo media house Susanne van Velzen Yesterday at 07:00 Hilversum The entrepreneurs at ‘s-Gravelandseweg in Hilversum are putting the flowers outside this week. Literally in this case. Sixteen lampposts are decorated with flower boxes.

Professor Anne-Mei The: ‘Relationships with dementia have to change. See the person behind the disease again’ | The Throw

Peter de Jong Yesterday at 09:50 We used to call people with dementia children. They were just pottering around the neighborhood. People took them into account. But since the 1980s, it has become a common disease. Not only because of the aging population, but mainly because medical science started to label people as ‘sick’.” Professor … Read more

They boo and throw ice at Nodal in Bolivia, this is how the singer reacted

This weekend, Christian Nodal he performed in Bolivia as part of his “Forajido Tour”; however, his first time in the country was filled with several incidents that left a bad taste in his mouth. One of them was the concert that he had to cancel in the city of La Paz, due to a breach … Read more

ANTOŠ’S BLADE: Hadamczik must throw the grenade at the union on the contrary! Otherwise they will fool him

He succeeded mainly because his opinion was heard. Everyone heard him – from the people in the extraleague to those in the third highest competition. The message of the electors is clear, they no longer want what happened under the King. He longs for change. They were also touched on what was happening in the … Read more

It lowers the risk of colon cancer, regulates blood sugar! Do not throw away the seeds, 5 a day is enough… Here are the benefits of Maltese plum (loquat) …

When you boil the seed and drink its water, it relaxes the digestion, finishes the iron deficiency, heals the eyes! Those who hear the benefits of this fruit will never throw it away again. This food, which is a fruit of the Mediterranean Region, is consumed fondly, especially by those who pay attention to their … Read more

It turned out that Brussels could throw a lifeline to the Hungarian government in the field of EU money

The paper heard from a senior Commission official that the process of approving the Polish recovery program would be similar to what the European Commission is planning for Hungary. This means that the Hungarian plan to be thoroughly worked out (the previously submitted support program must be developed with the newly applied loan program) will … Read more

Farmers in Ponorogo Throw Thousand Liters of Fresh Milk Because of the PMK Outbreak

Writer : KompasTV Jember PONOROGO, KOMPAS.TV – Dozens of dairy cows in Ponorogo Regency, East Java, contracted oral and nail diseases. Farmers are forced to throw away thousands of liters of fresh milk every day because the company refuses them. 86 dairy cows in Pudak Kulon Village, Pudak District, Ponorogo Regency. It is suspected that … Read more