Actor Gert Winckelmans plays a striking new character in ‘Thuis’

©  ISOPIX ‘Home’ has a striking new character and the interpreter of that role is no stranger to the general public. The Antwerp actor Gert Winckelmans plays the role of Vince, an ex-prisoner with a mysterious past in the One series. Bron: The last news Wednesday 2 November 2022 at 08:55 Vince walks into ‘Home’, … Read more

SUMMER SERIES: Until fourteen years ago, Patsy Van der Meren was one of the regular characters from Thuis and is now mainly a mom: “I really come home in the Pajottenland” (Gooik)

Patsy with son Jef and daughter Charlotte. “I would like to act again.” — ©  idh Gooik – For ten years, Patsy Van der Meeren (46) from Gooik played the role of Marie in Home on Een and she was one of the key figures in the popular soap. Every evening she sat like that … Read more

‘Thuis’ invites viewers to Bob and Tamara’s wedding, but you have to buy a ticket

© © VRT It’s time for happier times in ‘Home’. After all, a wedding is in the pipeline soon. And the fans themselves can be present at the wedding. The characters Bob (Christophe Haddad) and Tamara (Tine Priem) give each other the yes in the episode of Friday, May 27. On Sunday 29 May, One … Read more

Memoirs by Marianne from ‘Thuis’ are also really in the bookstore

Fiction becomes reality. In the soap opera Thuis you can see how Marianne can finally publish her memoirs, but they are now also published in real life by publishing house Borgerhoff & Lamgerigts. The contents are kept secret until the last moment, because the book is said to contain ‘a very big revelation’. Monday 25 … Read more

Baby Josse already became a BV at just three weeks: “We clicked immediately with Adil from ‘Thuis’” (Brussels)

Ief and Jolien, Josse’s proud parents. — ©  Raymond Lemmens Tessenderlo/Leuven/Brussels – Barely three weeks after he was born, Josse Dams from Tessenderlo could already call himself an actor. For six shooting days, the son of Ief and Jolien Polleunis took on the role of Jaan in the One soap Home. “We clicked right away … Read more