The Mythical Requirements of Mount Thunder, the Lost Place of the Gibran Climber

Garut – Thunder Mountain now a conversation after one of the climbers named Gibran mysteriously disappeared there. From the first this mountain is full of mysteries. Behind the various stories that make goosebumps, Thunder Mountain has a champion view that captivates the eyes of every climber. This mountain with a height of 2,249 meters above … Read more

14-Year-Old Boy Disappeared for 5 Days on Mount Guntur, Comes Home With Mystical Stories

SOLOPOS.COM – M Gibran Arrasyid, a boy who was missing for five days on Mount Guntur, Garut, was evacuated by the SAR team. (Special/, GARUT — A boy named M Gibran Arrasyid caused a commotion after being reported missing on Mount Guntur, Garut, West Java. The 14-year-old boy mysteriously disappeared during climbing activities last … Read more