Tim, from the spin-off hypothesis to the partial takeover bid: here are the 6 scenarios

ServiceTelecommunications Government, Cdp, Tim and private equity at work. All possible options on the table. The market favorite would be totalitarian supply by Carlo Festa December 3, 2022 Listen to the audio version of the article Six possible possible scenarios for Tim’s future. The ex-monopolist’s dossier is back on the high seas, after the halt … Read more

Batman fan, you can now buy Tim Burton’s Batmobile

Photo: Classic Auto Mall are you a fan wealthy of batman who likes collect movie memorabilia? If so, we have a coach for you: the Batmobile 1989 Tim Burton movies Batman y Batman Returns. But you have to be really wealthy. The Batmobile is for sale at Classic Auto Mall by 1,5 million dollars. There … Read more

Scientists Find Something in the Stomach of a 120 Million Year Old Dinosaur Fossil

Merdeka.com – A team of scientists in China managed to find a 120-million-year-old Dromaeosauridae dinosaur fossil with its last meal in its stomach, namely a frog. More than 120 million years ago, the dinosaurs ate frogs. But not long to eat the frog, the dinosaur died. Even though they died, the dinosaur bones were preserved … Read more

BREAKING: V.tal receives BRL 2.5 billion from CPP; TIM expands partnership

CPP Investments – Canada’s largest pension fund – is paying BRL 2.5 billion for a 9.7% stake in V.tal, the largest neutral fiber optic network in the country, created from the legacy of Oi . The CPP is contributing resources to the FIP which controls V.tal. FIP shareholders include partnership which controls BTG Pactual, the … Read more

Tim Burton’s Wednesday is more like Harry Potter than The Addams Family. But it has its own charm Articles of the Editorial

You are waiting for a teenage fantasy detective story with a fair amount of black humor. {“id”:1465601,”type”:”num”,”link”:”https://dtf.ru/cinema/1465601-serial-uensdey-ot-tima-bertona-bolshe-napominaet- garri-pottera-chem-semeyku-addams-no-v-etom-est-svoya-prelest”,”gtm”:””,”prevCount”:null,”count”:159,”isAuthorized”:false} {“id”:1465601,”type”:1,”typeStr”:”content”,”showTitle”:false,”initialState”:{“isActive”:false},”gtm”:””} {“id”:1465601,”gtm”:null} 16 895 views On November 23 (Wednesday, which is ironic), the entire first season of the Wednesday series, the sequel to the famous Addams Family, dedicated to the slightly grown-up daughter of the family, was released … Read more

“Merlina” escaped from Los locos Addams to reach Netflix at the hands of Tim Burton

A sarcasm of terror surrounds the series Merlinand spin-off about the daughter of the addams familywhich opens this Wednesday the 23rd in Netflixwith macabre direction of Tim Burton. It is based on the reinvention of Merlina that the actress Christina Ricci had done in the films of the Familia Addams (1991 and 1993), more than … Read more

Tim surprises everyone with a super advantageous offer: that’s what

Tim continue to amaze us with mind-boggling offers; the large Italian company that has been accompanying us for many years mobile phone tariffs, landline and internet at home, does not seem to bow its head to the competition. Their offerings, they always prove themselves a notch more compared to those of other companies; in fact, … Read more

Tim Hortons Is Getting Rid Of Red Cups In One Province & The New Cup Is All Grey (PHOTO)

Tim Hortons is getting rid of red cups in one province for a limited time and the new cups are completely grey for a very Canadian reason. As of November 17, 2022, the classic red cups that you get Tim Hortons hot drinks in have turned grey at locations in Saskatchewan. When you order a … Read more

Tim devalues ​​deferred taxes, the extra charge weighs 2 billion

ServiceTlc Revenues to 10.8 billion (+ 0.8%) but in the nine months the accounting red rose to -2.78 billion. The corporateization of Enterprice, one of the two souls of the newco services, begins by Andrea Biondi and Marigia Mangano November 9, 2022 Listen to the audio version of the article Pending the financial and political … Read more