Who is Gabriela Galaretto, the former secretary of Marcelo Tinelli and former director of Fundación LaFLia who will become the manager of Dalma Maradona

On your Instagram account, Gabriela Galaretto is defined as “a producer of beautiful things”And director of Public Relations, Image, Marketing and Corporate Social Responsibility. Far from so much title, in the middle it is known as the trusted secretary of Marcelo tinelli In her first years in the former Ideas del Sur until she held … Read more

Cande and Mica Tinelli expressed their pain over the death of a friend: “The people are a good part too soon”

Days from having celebrated upon discharge from his dear mom after months of hospitalization, Candelaria and Micaela Tinelli they are facing the immense pain by Juan’s death, a Family’s friend whom they loved very much. First, Cande shared a photo of the man and remarked that it is still hard for him to believe that … Read more

Tense cross between Marcelo Tinelli and Guillermina Valdés in Showmatch

This Friday a new round began among the ten participants who remain in competition at La Academia de Showmatch (The thirteen). In this context, Marcelo tinelli and Guillermina Valdes they starred in a tense crossing. It all started when the driver made reference to the dinner organized by the members of the jury at Roberto … Read more

Will the Tinelli sisters be the new Kardashian?

Micaela, Candelaria and Juanita Tinelli they would have received a very tempting proposal. As they counted in Intruders (America), Warner Media would have offered Marcelo Tinelli’s daughters to star in a reality show about their lives similar to the great success of the Kardashian sisters. Rodrigo Lussich, in charge of providing the information, said that … Read more

Coti Sorokin told how he met Cande Tinelli and crossed paths with Juariu: “He discovered us!”

Coti Sorokin (47) was in PH We Can Talk (Telefe, Saturdays at 22) where he revealed how he met with Candelaria Tinelli (30), his girlfriend for a year. And also, he crossed paths with Juariu, the influencer who discovered his romance and told about it on the networks. Andy Kusnetzoff proposed to the guests, among … Read more

The correction without filter from Guillermina Valdés to Marcelo Tinelli in La Academia – Paparazzi Magazine

This friday in The academyIt is elimination day and one of the couples must leave the program to be out of the contest. In the midst of the nerves of the situation, Marcelo tinelli, again had a cross with Guillermina Valdes on air and she corrected it. At the beginning of the program, Marcelo presented … Read more

They assure that Marcelo Tinelli says goodbye to ShowMatch

“He is enjoying a format that lasted many years and making a nice closing and with a lot of love,” said his partner, Guillermina Valdes Marcelo tinelli stars in a very complicated season with his classic show ShowMatch, on thirteen. The legendary cycle loses a wide margin in the rating against Telefe programs, and the … Read more

“My beloved scars”: the photo on the brink of censorship by Cande Tinelli – Shows

Facing her phone, but with her back to the bathroom mirror. This is how Candelaria Tinelli is seen in the last selfie she published in the feed of her Instagram account. On the verge of censorship, the young influencer showed her figure with a one-piece, purple and hollowed-out mesh, where her buttocks and fully tattooed … Read more

Marcelo Tinelli returned to double digits and displaced La 1-5 / 18

Five days after its premiere, The 1-5 / 18, the new fiction of Adrian Suar that comes out on the screen of the Pass, It fell a few digits in its measurements and did not manage to be the most viewed of the day on that station. The average of the program on Friday, September … Read more

This was the party night of Cande Tinelli and Jimena Barón

Cande Tinelli and Jimena Baron they lived an unforgettable night in the Palermo racecourse where, on Friday in the middle of the electoral ban, they attended the “Bresh” famous edition. The businesswoman and the singer went out to party and crossed paths with Wax, Bizarrap, Coscu (designated as the new love of Luciana Salazar), Catriel, … Read more