Titanfall 3 placeholder spotted on German GameStop shelves

© Titanfall 3 was long thought to be a long way off, with some even wondering if there would even be a third game in the popular franchise. However, at least one retailer is showing that the wait for Titanfall 3 may not be that long. Or just local employees wishful thinking optimists. Despite the … Read more

Respawn’s studio is making a single-player FPS, but it’s not a new Titanfall

According to new reports, Respawn Entertainment studio is to work on a high-budget single-player FPS, which will emphasize the high mobility of our character. Interestingly, however, the production is not supposed to be part of the cycle Titanfalldespite the fact that such a description of the game fits the character of this brand. Information on … Read more

Titanfall will soon no longer be for sale • Gamingnation

Respawn Entertainment has indicated that the first Titanfall game will soon no longer be for sale. The game will also no longer be available on various subscription services such as EA Play and Xbox Game Pass from March 1, 2022. Respawn has stated this on its Twitter page. Respawn indicates that the first Titanfall will … Read more

Respawn will remove Titanfall from all stores: What will happen to the franchise in the future?

Respawn will withdraw Titanfall from all digital stores due to the high presence of hackers on the servers and the low number of users. Know the details in this note! Respawn Entertainment announced that it will discontinue Titanfall, one of the most original FPS of recent years, and the kick-off for the universe of Apex … Read more

Sales will be discontinued, but servers will remain online

Cytasis wrote: ?02.12.2021 13:36 Yes, I know, I just don’t understand that you don’t finally understand that one doesn’t exclude the other. Because between “I understand that this is not mutually exclusive” and “I can also implement my findings” are sometimes light years. Incompetence, organizational obstacles, personal vanities and measuring tails (very popular especially in … Read more

Respawn Entertainment pulls first Titanfall game from sale – Gaming – News

Respawn Entertainment has pulled the first Titanfall game from sale. The studio announces that. The company does not give a concrete reason for this, but does report that the multiplayer servers of the game will remain online. Respawn Entertainment writes on Twitter that the first Titanfall, which first came out in 2014, will be withdrawn … Read more

Respawn Entertainment announces that Titanfall will no longer be sold

1/12/21 21:26 | Peter | General | 0 comments Respawn Entertainment, also known for the Titanfall series and Apex Legends, has indicated in a message on Twitter that it will stop selling the first Titanfall. They have also indicated that the game will no longer be offered in subscription services from March 1, 2022. The … Read more

Titanfall is removed from online stores and subscription services

Seven years after the launch of Titanfall, EA and Respawn Entertainment have decided to stop selling the game. This was confirmed by the developer himself this week. Titanfall. SHE In a statement on Twitter The Respawn team writes that Titanfall will disappear from all online stores from 1 December. From March 1 next year, it … Read more

Respawn has no plans for Titanfall 3

Five years after the launch of Titanfall 2, fans are still waiting for a new game in the series. However, it will not happen in the first place, says developer Respawn. Titanfall 2 turns five in October. Image: EA During a live broadcast Earlier this week, community coordinator Jason Garza was asked about Titanfall’s future. … Read more