Starting to Approach Teddy Tjahjono, Santana Enters Candidate for Coach of Persib Bandung, Fate of Mora?

BANJARMASINPOST.CO.ID – After Benjamin Mor, rodrigo santana now associated with Persib Bandung to replace Robert Rene Alberts. Even, rodrigo santana known to be friends with the Director Persib Bandung, Teddy Tjahjono. Yes, some trainer candidates are directly associated with Persib Bandung. One of them is the former coach of Bhayangkara FC, Paul Munster, who reportedly … Read more

Teddy Tjahjono Gives Persib Bandung Code To Introduce New Players, These 2 Candidates Emerge

BANJARMASINPOST.CO.ID – Persib Bandung planning to add new players in League 1 Transfer Market this season. After bringing in Ciro Alves and several quality local players, Persib Bandung still has a quota of foreign players. The remaining quota for Persib Bandung in the 2022/2023 league is for Asian foreign players. Read also: PSS Sleman Crazy, … Read more

DEAL!!! Boss Teddy Tjahjono Brings New Players, This is Persib Bandung’s Great Line Up Next Season

MAJALENGKA PORTAL – Twelve players have been declared discontinued with their contracts Persib Bandung. This makes Teddy Tjahjono go on a hunt to re-equip Team Persib Bandung. Lucky for Teddy TjahjonoBos Persib Bandung finally succeeded in getting a bomber from Persikabo Ciro Alves for a duet with David Da Silva. Also Read: The Painting of … Read more

Persib Bandung Boss Teddy Tjahjono Reveals Reason for Binding Coach Robert Alberts, Firmly Appeals to Bobotoh

Potensibadung.Com – Netizens urge to coach Persib Bandung, Robert Alberts get off Maung Bandung did not make the boss budge. director Persib Bandung, Teddy Tjahjono want fans to be wiser in dealing with a problem. According to him Robert Alberts it is still very feasible to mix the Blue Prince in the BRI Liga 1 … Read more