Nat Yuvathip, the actress of Seasons Change, gave birth to her first child!

Congratulations to the former actress that many people miss “Nath Yuwathip”, the owner of the role of “Duj Dao” from the movie Seasons Change, who recently gave birth to her first child on March 10. Being a full-fledged mother Picture from IG : narts_yuwatibs In which she posted a picture of the new member of … Read more

Positive foreign factors push SET through 1,700 points I TNN Hours of making money I 17-01-66

Positive foreign factors push the SET through 1,700 points This week is another week where we still have to see if the SET Index will reach 1,700 or not. But if assessed from the voices of many analysts Quite the same view that there is a chance to pass. because of pressure factors, especially from … Read more

“Mookie Praiya” posted a touching message on the anniversary to her boyfriend P’ kevin.

Move on from old love already… For the hot girl “Mookie Praiya Phadungsuk” she is very clear about love. Many people may have seen her with foreign men in her stories. This young man is “DJ Kay Kevin”, a famous young DJ working in Thailand. Picture from ig: milkypraiya Picture from ig: milkypraiya Picture from … Read more

The United States found a very hot “Hell Planet”, 2,000 degrees outside the solar system | TNN Evening News | 13 Dec. ’22

US astronomer strange planet found outside the solar system With a temperature higher than 4,000 degrees Fahrenheit or over 2,000 degrees Celsius, it has earned the nickname that “Planet Hell” also found that this star is strong. because the internal structure is full of diamonds And the surface is covered with an ocean of boiling … Read more

Miscommunication! “GWM” clarifies repair cost ORA GOOD CAT 600,000 baht l Million Marketing l 29-11-65

Miscommunication! “GWM” clarifies the repair cost of ORA GOOD CAT 600,000 baht l Money Marketing l 29-11-65 Great Wall Motors or GWM clarifies the cost of repairing the ORA GOOD CAT battery cover at 600,000 baht. It is a miscommunication. Sorry, ready to inform the new price #ORAGoodCat #GWM #Greatwall #EV battery #Great Wall Motors … Read more

Europe is not yet settled – Russia’s oil ceiling is set I TNN Money hour I 28-11-65

Europe still has no conclusions – Set Russian oil ceiling I TNN Hours of making money I 28-11-65 #TNNHours of money #Jia Sophon #Praewwanwanich Hot issue: The oil group avoids it first. Strong tourism momentum Follow-up factors 1. Russia retaliated against the G7 countries and Europe on a draft decree banning the sale of oil … Read more

Adjusted the 2nd generation COVID vaccine formula to fight mutations 10 times better than the old version | TNN evening news | 28 Nov. ’22

A vaccine called “Bivalent” (Bivalent) is a 2nd generation COVID vaccine that has been formulated. to accommodate mutation-bearing strains Developed by Pfizer-Biontech. and Moderna Company Contains original virus strains and components of omikron variants using as a booster vaccine It can be injected from 2 months after the last dose of vaccination. The National Center … Read more

Continue to win gold after the minutes of the Fed meeting signal a delay in raising interest rates I 25 Nov ’22

– “Continue to win gold After the minutes of the Fed meeting, signaling a slowdown in interest rates, “with Khun Warut Rungkham, Director of Analysis, YLG Bullion and Futures Company #YLG #InvestGold #Gold #TNNWEALTH #TNNChannel16 . Follow the news Stocks and Line Investments • Line @TNNWEALTH : ——————————————————————— Follow TNN Wealth through different channels. … Read more

Mustache twitching “Eagle” US military base in Syria was attacked | TNN, late night news | 26 Nov ’22

US military base in Syria hit by missile attack But it does not damage the lives of US soldiers. The Chinese leader sent a message ready to cooperate with North Korea in all dimensions. Channel to follow news station TNN Channel 16 https://www.facebook .com/TNNthailand/ Line @TNNONLINE or click … Read more

BOI adjusts plans Allocated tax exemption for 15 years, attracting investment in upstream electronics I EEC Focus I 20-11-65

BOI adjusts plans Throwing tax exemption for 15 years, pulling investment in upstream electronics I EEC Focus I 20-11-65 #eec #eecfocus #boi #upstream electronics #BOI #tax exempt #apec2022 #thailand #apec #investment plan #tax #investment TNN News Channel 16 TNNthailand/ Line @TNNONLINE or click Keep up with … Read more