Planet Earth will turn into “Spaghetti” in this case!

Black holes are so named because the gravity at their center is incredibly strong. So much so that it absorbs all the light close to it, and nothing can escape it, whatever its nature. A black hole has the terrifying power to devour anything of any nature or size, so it’s no surprise that these … Read more

80,000 Mexican fans to the World Cup in Doha

The Mexican government has stated that 80,000 fans will travel to the 2022 World Cup in Qatar to support Gerardo Martino’s team, said Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard, and explained that the ministry has formed a special team to follow up on Mexican fans. According to the FIFA, Mexico is among the eight countries that most … Read more

Messi… from football to the world of acting!

Argentine international star “Lionel Messi” decided to take a new experience in his life by agreeing to participate in a television work through his country’s national television. According to the British newspaper, The Sun, the current Paris Saint-Germain player participated in the second part of the series “The Protectors”, part of which was filmed in … Read more

Video – Why did the famous actress and model turn to kickboxing?

Elisabetta Canales, 43, is training hard for her debut as a fighter in Night of Kick and Punch, where she faces off against Rachel Moratori, 21, in a bout scheduled for three rounds, each of one and a half minutes long. “One of the reasons why I wanted to get into the ring was to … Read more

Floyd Mayweather is back in the ring!

It was officially announced that the legendary American boxer Floyd Mayweather, 45, will return to the ring again to fight an exhibition fight, next September, against Japanese mixed martial arts champion Mikuru Asakura, 29 years old. This will be the fourth show that the American boxer will fight, after he won all his 50 professional … Read more

Ostapenko into the second round of Birmingham

Latvia’s Jelena Ostapenko, ranked 16th in the world, struggled to qualify for the second round of the Birmingham Tennis Tournament (250 points), preparatory to Wimbledon, with a difficult victory over Canadian Rebecca Marino 6-2, 5-7, 6-3. The 25-year-old Ostapenko, the top seed in Birmingham, made an impressive start to the year by winning 14 matches … Read more

The electric car sector will be more prosperous if we use more bikes and buses

In its annual report on electric vehicle forecasts, the Bloomberg NEF team outlines how different means of road transportation will evolve over the coming decades, and outlines the impact of this development on oil markets, demand for electricity, batteries, metals and materials used and charging infrastructure, and emissions. . The most interesting facts included in … Read more

Video – The fans lead the Lebanese national team to the semi-finals of West Asia Futsal

The Lebanese public formed a special case during the West Asian Futsal Championship currently underway in Kuwait, where it was the distinguishing mark, thanks to its presence in a large number of stands, and equipped with drums and loudspeakers, which prompted the organizers to open a second stadium for it after it completely filled the … Read more

Kuwaiti newspaper newspaper | Futsal Blue to the semi-finals of “West Asia”

He won by five over Palestine and qualified for the first group The Kuwait national futsal team won its semi-finals in West Asia from Group A, by defeating its Palestinian counterpart 1/5 in the match that brought them together at the end of the preliminary round. Azraq Futsal reached the semi-finals of West Asia, with … Read more

The Stockholm Marathon turns into a farce and you won’t believe why

A strange incident occurred at the Stockholm Marathon after the three leaders were sent to race in the wrong direction. Felix Kirwa, Marhawi Kseti and Anbesa Tesfai were leading the race, but soon became confused after they found themselves running in the wrong direction before they stopped to ask race officials what was going on. … Read more