“The cycles are closed”: Galilea Montijo, is he saying goodbye to TODAY’s production? | VIDEOS

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Arath de la Torre treated Carmen Salinas badly and they demand her exit from the “Hoy” program

Arath de la Torre has angered social networks for an outrage he did to Carmen Salinas placeholder image, who since last November 11 is hospitalized and in a coma after suffering a brain hemorrhage. And the fact is that the followers of the 82-year-old actress remembered the uncomfortable moment that the host of the program … Read more

Lolita Courteous. He cries in ‘TODAY’ for his shattered teeth | VIDEO

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Dear driver of Hoy surprises everyone by confirming that OnlyFans will open | VIDEO

The drivers of the Today Program are some of the most recognized Mexican television personalities in Mexico, so every time they give a news they raise controversy or emotion among viewers and fans. This time Galilea Montijo was the one in charge of taking the glances, since it gave a news that few expected. Cuauhtémoc … Read more

“And you shut up!”: Invited to the Hoy program HUMILATES Galilea Montijo and puts her in her place | VIDEO

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Tania Rincon. You spend an uncomfortable moment in Today; says vulgar word | VIDEO

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Joaquín Muñoz. Juan Gabriel could have covid19; Today he mocks | VIDEO

Digital Millennium Mexico City / 09.07.2021 08:23:09 Juan Gabriel, better known as the Divo of Juarez, died in 2016. iconic singer left a deep mourning among thousands of Mexicans who sang y sIguen singing their creations of love, joy and sadness. However, despite the years that have passed since his departure, rumors continue that he … Read more

Guest conductor in “Hoy” tells his “truths” to Andrea Escalona | THE IMPARTIAL

MEXICO.- A special guest who had to put Andrea Escalona on the spot surprised on the morning program “Hoy”. Leo Herrera, actor in the soap opera “I give you life”, was a guest on the program this Tuesday morning, and called Escalona “metiche” and “gossip”. The 6-year-old, along with Galilea Montijo, Lambda García and Paul … Read more

Andrea Legarreta gives lessons on how to dress “las chaparritas”

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Andrea Legarreta. Will Televisa cut your salary in Hoy for covid 19?

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