Landon Clifford, 19-year-old Youtuber who told about his life as a teenage parent, has died

The news was given by the young wife Camryn on Instagram: lo youtuber 19enne Landon Clifford died after spending six days in an induced coma since 13 August, following a brain damage of which precise details have not been provided. He was so young, he still had a long life ahead of him. Things should … Read more

You are not alone in the fight against the pandemic, the first lady told the Americans – ČT24 – Czech Television

Trump’s wife Melania defended the US president in her speech and, unlike the speakers on the first day, did not avoid the tragic impact of the pandemic on the United States. “I know a lot of people feel anxious and some feel helpless. I want you to know that you are not alone, “she told … Read more

Lionel Messi told Barcelona that he wants to go

La Pulga communicated via burofax that he wants to leave the club. She would use the clause in her contract that allows her to terminate unilaterally at the end of each season. Lionel Messi made a decision that seemed impossible and told Barcelona via burofax that he wants to leave after 20 years in the … Read more

“Messi told Koeman that he looks more outside than inside Barça”

According to the Catalan station RAC1, Messi interrupted his vacations to discuss with Koeman his continuity at the club. By: EFE 03:40 PM / 20/08/2020 Barcelona striker Lionel Messi would have recognized this Thursday 20-A to Ronald Koeman, the new coach of the Barça team, who is seen more outside than inside the club next … Read more

Charles Bukowski: 100 years of a writer who told the dark side of Los Angeles – Music and Books – Culture

It is curious that my fascination with Los Angeles did not come from a trip to Disneyland, a visit to Universal Studios or a baseball game at Dodgers Stadium, but from the books of Charles Bukowski, as well as in the records of the Doors and Frank Zappa, artists who have not been exactly the … Read more

Nine-haired Soros plays tikrt tdn tennis. He told the Hungarian day what he thought of the current world People

Prague The world-famous financial speculator and philanthropist George Soros celebrated his nineteenth birthday on Wednesday. The controversial magnt, who was born in Budapest and today is the most likely supporter of the so-called progressive forces in the world, gave an interview to the Hungarian left-wing daily Npszava (Voice of the People). <!—-> Soros, as the … Read more

The expert told how often you need to restart your smartphone The expert told how often you need to restart your smartphone Restarting the smartphone itself is not necessary – the algorithms for their production are perfected, and the equipment works stably. But the applications that we have installed … RIA Novosti, 08/14/2020 2020-08-14T02:20 2020-08-14T02:20 technology /html/head/meta[@name=”og:title”]/@content /html/head/meta[@name=”og:description”]/@content 3 RIA Novosti Russia, Moscow, … Read more

In dialogue with Gabriel Rolón, Pampita told that he has dyslexia

Pampita talked about her dyslexia with Gabriel Rolón (Video: “Pampita Online”, Net TV) Throughout your media tour, Carolina Pampita Ardohain it was characterized by its frontality. He says what he thinks and avoids, as far as possible, dwelling on what they will say. For some time now, he entered a train of confessions of situations … Read more

The expert told how the body warns of a lack of vitamins

Nutrition Expert Jenny Tschiesche told about six signs warning about the lack of vitamins and minerals in the body. The so-called spoon-shaped nails, when the nail plate becomes thinner and curls inward on the sides, indicate a lack of iron. A similar form, according to the nutritionist, may be in one or two nails, and … Read more

The first Russians who visited the resorts of Turkey told about the changes in their rest: World: Travel:

The first Russians who visited the resorts of Turkey after the resumption of flights spoke about the changes in the rest amid the coronavirus pandemic. Comments of tourists are provided by the portal of the Association of Tour Operators of Russia. As the author of the material noted, staying in one of the five-star hotels … Read more