This is how we have told you about Barcelona’s victory over Real Sociedad in the Copa del Rey quarterfinals | Sports

0 Remiro, Diego Rico (Aihen Muñoz, min. 45), Le Normand, Elustondo, Zubeldia, Brais, Martín Zubimendi, Pablo Marín (Jon Ander Olasagasti, min. 77), Take Kubo (Robert Navarro, min. 77), Sörloth ( Carlos Fernández, min. 87) and Oyarzabal (Barrenetxea, min. 45)

A man who came to Lithuania from Russia told about the difficulties he encountered immediately upon arrival: it’s a slightly different planet

When the war broke out in Ukraine, he took part in providing support to the Ukrainians. It is said that someone who has become a refugee himself knows best what is most needed by people in a foreign country. “When the representative of the KGB became the president of the Russian Federation, it became clear … Read more

Putin’s bunkers: ex-intelligence officer told where the Russian president could be hiding

One of the bunkers is located right under the Kremlin. Former intelligence officer told what kind of bunkers Putin can use / photo – screenshot Former employee of the KGB of the USSR and the Foreign Intelligence Service of the Russian Federation Sergey Zhirnov said that the Russian dictator Vladimir Putin has a lot of … Read more

Turhan Çömez told about the rich children of AKP members

Turhan Çömez, Chief Advisor to the Chairman of the IYI Party, was the guest of the Let’s Record program moderated by Şule Aydın. Çömez talked about two political figures that Erdoğan said he trusts very much, and their children. Making statements accompanied by documents, Çömez claimed that the wealth of 140 million liras in England … Read more

Rocío Sánchez Azuara told how she was fired from the Ajusco television station years ago

For many viewers, it was a pleasant surprise for her followers to see Rocío Sánchez Azuara start her third stage on TV Azteca. It was on the Ajusco television station that the host began to shine nationally and she knows how to be grateful to the people who gave her her opportunity on national television. … Read more

did they come back? Griselda Siciliani told the truth about her reconciliation with Adrián Suar

Since Griselda Siciliani y Adrian Suar They separated, neither of them showed themselves as a couple anymore, each one separately faced rumors of all kinds, however, both remained firm in that attitude of not revealing anything about their personal lives. However, this time, the news got out of hand, to the point that the actress … Read more

Milk + Garlic… The effect it provides when boiled and drunk in 1 glass.. No expert told

The unknowns of the miracle of milk and garlic.. We will share with you a health secret that you will be very surprised to learn. See what benefits it provides to the body when the two miracle foods of Turkish cuisine, milk + garlic, are combined. Milk is one of the most beneficial drinks for … Read more

Maïka Desnoyers is told that she is setting a bad example, listen to her answer

Maïka Desnoyers took to her followers to set the record straight with them after receiving negative comments saying she was setting a bad example. Listen to it in the video in the header. This is following his move to The week of the 4 Julies that some people actually took the liberty of writing to … Read more

What can be fixed in the car yourself, and what is better not to get your nails into: the specialist told what unsuccessful operations end up with

I probably won’t lie when I say that not all drivers are car connoisseurs. But do you need to be like that? A used car has some work to do from time to time. One of them is changing the oil or replacing a burnt-out light bulb. And even if it seems that such jobs … Read more

journalists told previously unknown facts about the mistresses of the Belarusian dictator – World –

The fake president of Belarus constantly surrounds himself with women, loves beauty contests and balls. The dictator and self-proclaimed President of Belarus, Alexander Lukashenko, often appears in public with different women. It is known that he allegedly has not lived with his official wife since his first election as president in 1994, and the youngest … Read more