Erdogan told where Medvedchuk went from Turkey – latest news / NV

September 23, 15:13 Viktor Medvedchuk (Photo: OP) This is reported Anadolu. «200 people are under our control. On one (Medvedchuk – ed.), President Putin insisted in particular. We have already sent him to Russia,” Erdogan said. According to him, persons released as part of the exchange are «guests of Turkey. On September 23, the Kremlin … Read more

I was told to turn with Mr. Jokowi

Compass TV national politics <!– –> Friday, September 23, 2022 | 14:16 WIB Vice President (Vice President) Ma’ruf Amin. (Source: Press Bureau of the Vice President’s Secretariat) Writer : Isnaya Helmi | Editor : Edy A. Putra JAKARTA, KOMPAS.TV – Vice President (Wapres) Ma’ruf Amin revealed that at first he only wanted to become a … Read more

Ma’ruf Amin was told to ‘turn’ from Ulama to Vice President by Jokowi – Vice President Ma’ruf Amin revealed that he initially had a “career” as a cleric, but at the request of President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) eventually turned into vice president. “I followed in his footsteps (Kiai Haji Sahal Mahfudh). So, he is Rais Aam, concurrently Chairman of the Indonesian Ulema Council (MUI) and I followed … Read more

‘I was told to be quiet’: the French Football Federation covered up sex scandals for 40 years, denounces an investigation

The French Football Federation finds itself at the heart of a huge scandal. Based on numerous testimonies, it turns out that sexual abuse has been hidden by the FFF for about forty years. Ten days after the revelations of the SoFoot newspaper concerning the sexual harassment that Noël Le Graët, president of the French Football … Read more

The last photographer to capture the Queen – about their meeting: she told the details | Names

Press Association photographer Jane Barlow captures Elizabeth II as she meets new Prime Minister Liz Truss. Barlow, who has photographed the royal family for six years, said: “She smiled at me a lot.” Jane, who took the final shots of the 96-year-old queen, was delighted that they had come out really well. “I got a … Read more

Luciano Castro’s anguish over his relationship with his son: “He told me unpleasant things”

Luciano Castro He was honest about his relationship with his eldest son, Mateo, and revealed a strong statement that the young man made to him. The actor said that he missed many important moments in his son’s life and revealed how his relationship is today. “What I missed is not irreparable, but I do have … Read more

King Charles III’s worst moment: How was he told Elizabeth was dying?

All of his plans at that time were immediately taken for granted Elizabeth (†96) hurried while he still had hope of catching her alive. At that time still princ Charles and his wife Camilla (74) were at Dumfries House in Scotland on Thursday, September 8. The duchess was just preparing for an interview with Jenna … Read more

He told himself in front of cameras: This is how Joci Pápai lost his virginity

We are already used to the fact that I will be a star in Szár! his selection is full of funny, sometimes honest or touching moments. Well, this Sunday will be like this, like that, but one of the most memorable is when Papa Joci After hearing Judit Spisák’s production, he begins to reflect on … Read more

Shocked collaborators flee Ukraine: Russia is here for good, we’re told

But when Russian troops began to withdraw from the city and the Ukrainian army retook the occupied territories in the north of the country, she and her family decided to flee, fearing punishment for collaborating with the Russian invasion forces. Evidence from the recaptured territories shows that the Russian military regularly used violence to quell … Read more

The unusual way in which Maypi Delgado told her boyfriend that she is pregnant: “I was shocked”

Very happy, Where Delgado confirmed the news of your pregnancywhat Luli Fernandez gave in Show Partners. “I was in Mar del Plata when I took the test because I was already 9 days late and I felt a little bad. I was in shock. I sent a picture to my boyfriend the other day”, said … Read more