The Swiss also decide on the financing of weapons of war

Zurich, Switzerland, Nov 26, 2020 (AFP) -In addition to the important initiative on the responsibilities of multinationals, the Swiss will vote on Sunday a text that aims to prohibit the central bank and pension funds from investing in companies that manufacture military equipment. In Switzerland, the manufacture of nuclear, biological and chemical weapons as well … Read more

Donostia | The London hotel is also temporarily closed

Donostia – The London and England hotel closed its doors yesterday until December 3, the eve of the Immaculate Bridge. It is not the only establishment that is committed to a temporary closure given the current situation. For example, the veteran hotel San Sebastián also decided to stop a few weeks ago, until the situation … Read more

Cancer would also appear by genetic inheritance; in the future this could be corrected

The tool of the “genetic scissors”, or CRISPR-Cas9, promises, in the future, to modify incurable diseases, among them the malignant breast tumor, considered the doctor specializing in Genetics and head of the Department of Research and Teaching at the Center for Rehabilitation and Social Inclusion of Veracruz (CRISVER), César Misael Cerecedo Zapata. “The information from … Read more

Reinvesting in a habitual residence through a mortgage will also deduct taxes

27/10/2020 13:58 – Updated: 10/27/2020 6:11 PM The reinvestment in habitual residence Through a mortgage it also entitles you to exemption from personal income tax. This has been ruled by the Second Section of Chamber III of the Supreme Court which, in a sentence, has established the interpretive criterion that “to apply the exemption in … Read more

Matera Hospital will also have helmets for patients with COVID-19

“We continue to invest in health. To the recently incorporated transfer unit stretcher we now add the acquisition of helmets, which work with a non-invasive ventilation system and replace the use of mechanical respirators, a process that was somewhat traumatic for the patient. “. The helmets referred to by Miguel Aolita, general secretary of the … Read more

A documentary about Malvinas nurses will participate in the Trieste Festival

In dialogue with this medium, Strifezzo reviews the path of his debut film and celebrates the choice: “It is an immense joy. In this year, when everything was suspended, having been selected at a festival in Europe is a recognition for the history and for the film’s proposal. It is an opportunity to show it … Read more

Colombia team today: Venezuela will not have Salomón Rondón | Drop confirmed for Playoffs | National teams

The pandemic has not only affected the Colombian National Team, which has had to cancel several summoned for the start of the Qatar 2022 World Cup Qualifiers. Their rivals also suffer, since both Venezuela and Chile, who will face the Tricolor On October 9 and 13, respectively, they have significant absences as well. This is … Read more

The coronavirus also wreaks havoc on the film industry

The film industry was one of the sectors hardest hit by the Covid-19 pandemic. Its different areas were affected in various ways, from the production of films, the suspension of filming, the closing of theaters and the prohibition of screenings, among other situations that, in addition to representing enormous economic losses, meant the need to … Read more

The time it takes to admit patients with Covid tripled

“These long attentions have a great impact on both the patients and the staff,” warns Miguel Torres Morales, medical director of the Urgencies company, and points out that “if these waits increase day by day, the hospitalization management time goes away. to go very fast up ”. Emerger’s medical officer, Alberto Davidovich, points out that … Read more

Coronavirus: patients with social work also demand attention in the public sector

Hospitals have been working on one hundred percent of their response capacity for two weeks and last night critical beds in the public sector were at 94 percent. In private companies, there are no excess resources either: intensive care areas are above 85 percent, and more than half of those places are for patients with … Read more