Getting to know Cerebral Palsy, a Disease Associated with Legalization of Medical Marijuana

Cerebral palsy is a disease that causes disturbances in muscles, movement, and body coordination. This condition can occur during pregnancy, during labor, or in the first year after birth. Symptoms of cerebral palsy or cerebral palsy are very diverse. At its most severe level, cerebral palsy can cause paralysis. Sufferers may need special equipment to … Read more

Russian channel that exposed Putin’s motorcade announced the death of the dictator – media

Half an hour after the message was published on the channel, it was removed, probably at the direction of the security services, but it was viewed by more than 120,000 subscribers of the popular channel. The telegram channel of the Cheka-OGPU, which the day before yesterday published a resonant video of the passage of Putin’s … Read more

High demand in NYC for monkeypox vaccine

The city government is asking New Yorkers concerned about contracting monkeypox to make an appointment at the new vaccine clinic in Chelsea. Due to the immediate high demand, the clinic issued a message saying that no more walk-ins would be accepted. At the moment, all appointments at the clinic are full until Monday. RELATED STORIES: … Read more

Vaccination centers in NYC will inoculate children under 5 years of age

Starting today, the city’s vaccination centers will start inoculating children under 5 years of age, now that they are eligible for the COVID vaccine. Private centers, such as Montefiore Family Care, in the Bronx, began offering the vaccine for the little ones yesterday. RELATED STORIES: They begin to inoculate children under 5 years of age. … Read more

CVS and Walgreens already vaccinate children under 5

Pharmacies of the CVS and Walgreens chains are already offering the COVID vaccine for children under five years of age. CVS will offer doses for children 18 months and older at some of its locations. While at Walgreens, minors have to be at least 3 years old to be immunized. RELATED STORIES: Over the weekend, … Read more

Vaccine for children under 5: questions and answers

On Saturday, the United States authorized COVID-19 vaccines for infants, toddlers, and preschoolers. The vaccines will be available this week, expanding the country’s vaccination campaign to children as young as 6 months. Advisors to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommended the shots for younger children, with the final go-ahead coming hours later from … Read more

Mourning Jack WC, the owner of the famous song on TikTok, has passed away.

Famous Isaan rapper Jack WC died in a motorcycle accident in Sakon Nakhon Province on June 18. Reporters reported that Mr. Wichai Kathawong, 24, or Jack WC, a famous Isan rapper young singer. died suddenly on June 18 cause of death Initially, it was caused by a motorcycle accident that crashed onto the side of … Read more

Crude oil futures rebound, supported by tight supply | Reuters

Crude oil futures in Asian time rebounded from a sharp drop in overnight trading. Supported by tight supply and rising summer demand. The photo was taken in Texas, USA in August 2018 (2022 Reuters / Nick Oxford) [Singapore 16th Reuters]–Asian time crude oil futures rebounded from a sharp drop in overnight trading. Supported by tight … Read more

Nadal wins 14th French Open title

On June 5, 2022, the men’s singles finals of the French Open tennis tournament Rafael Nadal, king of clay courts from Spain. The 13-time champion of the tournament meets 23-year-old rival Kasper Ruud from Norway, who reached the Grand Slam final for the first time in his life. Nadal, who played in the field that … Read more

The White House readies COVID vaccines for children under 5

The White House announced that COVID vaccines for children under 5 years of age will be available starting June 21. The Federal Food Administration (FDA) will meet in the next two weeks to review data provided by the Pfizer and Moderna laboratories. RELATED STORIES: In this regard, Dr. Juan Tapia Mendoza, a pediatrician at the … Read more