Andrea Llosa to Magaly Medina: “I don’t care what you think, I’m free to play the topics I think are convenient”

Andrea Llosa responds to Magaly Medina. (Photo: ATV / Instagram) journalist and host Andrea Llosa return this Monday, January 24, on TV with its new season of Andrea, and this Sunday, January 30, with Nunca Más. The communicator pointed out that she will continue to touch on all the topics she deems appropriate, including the … Read more

The Most Curious Topics and Answers About Turkey’s Domestic Car Togg

Togg is one of the world’s leading Li-Ion battery manufacturers for the production of the battery module and package, one of the most basic components in the electric vehicle product range, in Turkey. Farasis selected as business partner. In partnership with Togg and Chinese energy giant Farasis Siro Silk Road Clean Energy Solutions San. ve … Read more

Focusing on space topics, Asus launches Zenbook 14X OLED Space Edition

Asus Zenbook 14X OLED Space Edition To catch up with the recent hot topic of space, ASUS has Zenbook 14X OLED by IFA Based on this, a special edition of Space Edition was launched. In addition to the recent emphasis on space exploration, this idea also has Asus’ own history. In 1997, Asus once launched … Read more

AMLO’s morning, December 22, 2021: live; follow the topics minute by minute

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador (AMLO) offers its traditional morning conference this Wednesday, December 22. AMLO’s morning themes, December 22, 2021 09:12 | President’s morning conference ends Andrés Manuel López Obrador. 09:02 | Octavio Romero Oropeza, head of Pemex, reported that with the change from exploration to shallow waters and on land, three major oil … Read more

Commemoration of World AIDS Day in the Central African Republic

World AIDS Day 2021 saw Central African Republic authorities and other HIV actors in the country come together to provide information on HIV, promote HIV prevention, treatment and care. HIV and show their solidarity in the face of this pandemic. This year, the President and Head of State of the Central African Republic, and President … Read more

Alpy Hirako The aftermath of the “Hotel Secret Meeting”, the dark shadow cast by Ayana Kobayashi on “The Future with a New Lover” (Weekly Female PRIME) –goo News

Alco & Peace’s Yuki Hirako and Ayana Kobayashi (pictured right from Kobayashi’s blog) This year, when the challenge to the “M-1 Grand Prix” became the last year, Alco & Peace’s Yuki Hirako is advancing to the semi-finals with a “declaration of victory”. A scandal has fallen just before the battle for life. 《Alpy Hirako, Shooting … Read more

“THE TIME,” Reasons for poor audience rating “You should believe in Azumi Anna more” from the same traders (Daily Shincho) –goo News

Two months have passed since the morning information program “THE TIME,” which TBS appointed Shinichiro Azumi Anna as MC, has started (Friday MC is Teruyuki Kagawa). A petite renewal was also carried out at the end of October, but what has happened since then?  *** It is said that “THE TIME,” which started with noise, … Read more

[You said, what exactly does Kingston have?・1]Hong Kong parent story: immigrating for the future of their children and entrusting the future to their children | Position Topics | Position News

This year Hong Kong has set off a wave of immigrants. According to the British and Hong Kong People Organization, the preferred area for British and Hong Kong people in Greater London is called Kingston. First read[YousaidwhatexactlydoesKingstonhave?】Thematicpreface:There is a “place of Hong Kong people” on the banks of the Thames in the UK On June … Read more

The tick population can explode! – News Milliyet

Hande Atılgan / ANKARA – In the study on the Crimean-Congo Hemorrhagic Fever (CCHF), which affected the north of the country and the regions where agriculture and animal husbandry is intense in the past spring and summer, extra precautions for the endemic regions where ticks are common and innovations in the clinical tests required for … Read more

Gabby’s case is still a mystery even after finding the bodies. But he opened important topics

The murder of a 22-year-old American blogger is one of the most watched killings in recent years. A young woman and her fiancé set out on a trip to American national parks earlier this summer. She documented everything on social networks. At the end of August, however, she suddenly stopped talking to the world. On … Read more