“The gods have tossed a coin for Daemon and madness has struck him”

Matt Smith, who takes on the role of Daemon Targaryen in House of the Dragon, has already openly shared his thoughts on his controversial character. Revealing almost nothing of the plot of the first episode, the actor explains his character by saying that “the gods tossed a coin for Daemon and he went crazy.” In … Read more

4 Police Officers Tossed Into Cells Regarding the Death of Brigadier J, What’s the Fate of 3 Police Generals?

TRIBUNNEWS.COM, JAKARTA – Four police officers have been locked up for the next 30 days due to the death case Brigadier J at home Ferdy Sambo. What about the fate of the three 1-star generals? As reported, Police chief General Listyo Sigit Prabowo revealed that of the 25 police personnel who were considered unprofessional in … Read more

Unbeaten J. Hiddie and Triple Double Harden Tossed to 76ers Victory

James Harden made a great fit for the Philadelphia 76ers (37/23) team and won the National Basketball Association (NBA). Svečiuose 125:109 (38:35, 27:21, 26:33, 34:20) defeated the New York Knicks (25/36). The Philadelphia team led a large part of the match, but in the last quarter the result was equal – 100: 100. Still, the … Read more

Say Goodbye To Drugs! High Cholesterol Can Immediately Collapse With The Skin Of This Fruit, Regrets As Long As It Continues To Be Tossed Into The Trash – All Pages

compass High cholesterol can be overcome with the skin of this fruit SajianSedap.com – Cholesterol is a disease that many people fear. How not, if high cholesterol levels, like it or not, we have to take medicine. Because if high cholesterol is not handled properly it can even make other diseases appear. Therefore, people with … Read more

His victory raged as Gáspár Bea tossed and kicked the presents

The pine tree didn’t even stand when Beaa Gáspár was tired and threw the presents out into the yard. Gáspár Győző wanted a really beautiful and perfect Christmas. The family is especially important to him, which is why he is confident that he can make the events unforgettable. Well, he did it in some ways, … Read more

A month lost and tossed around in the ocean, this man calls a moment of rest

loading… PORT MORESBY – Two men from Solomon Islands who spent 29 days lost at sea after their GPS tracker stopped working has been rescued offshore Papua New Guinea or 400 kilometers away from where they started their journey. Livae Nanjikan and Junior Qoloni departed from Mono Island, in the Western province of the Solomon … Read more