How can a machine be more beautiful than a human? Zenbook S 13 Flip OLED (UP5302) Flip Touch Laptop, 1.1 kg as a tablet princess

It’s a pure white laptop! Tangerine has touched so many ASUS laptops, and usually the white ones look silver or silver-gray, unless it is the ASUS Zenbook 30th Anniversary Limited Edition pearl color, which is really white, so you know that real pure white laptops are very rare , if you want a pure white … Read more

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE is the bargain of Black Friday on the touch tablet side

The Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE tablet stands out for its very good value for money that will suit tighter budgets. During this Black Friday, this reference becomes even more interesting since its price goes from 599 euros to 399 euros at Carrefour, Darty and at Fnac. Released last year, the Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 … Read more

You have to touch premature babies.. A recommendation from the World Health Organization overturns concepts

In a comprehensive review of its policy advocating the use of incubators, the World Health Organization announced Tuesday that skin-to-skin contact plays a key role in improving survival. premature babies And the young survive. The new guidelines represent a major shift in the way the United Nations health agency recommends intensive care for newborns, according … Read more

Elgato Announces Stream Deck+ With Rotary Controls And Touch Screen – Computer – News

Elgato comes with a new version of its Stream Deck. The new version is called Stream Deck + and for the first time has rotary knobs that control PC functions. The device is also equipped with a small touchscreen and the familiar buttons for custom functions. Stream Deck allows streamers and PC users in general … Read more

Vampire Survivors Has Got Touch Controls – Sina Hong Kong

文章: Jonas Maki – Poncle’s Vampire Survivor was an instant hit when it released on PC last month. Its addictive gameplay is all about surviving waves of attacking monsters, and new audiences joined the Xbox fun a week ago after it was added to Game Pass. Playing is now easier than ever, as Poncle … Read more

Microsoft is testing Microsoft Edge’s new ‘touch mode’ feature

Edge touch mode (source: windowslatest) The foreign media reported on the 13th (local time) that Microsoft (MS) is testing the ‘touch mode’ for users of the canary build of the web browser ‘MS Edge’. Edge’s new Touch Mode greatly enhances the web browsing experience on a tablet or touchscreen-capable PC. Users can activate the function … Read more

We touch the hidden world of Spielberg with “The Fableman Family”

“Movies are dreams that you will never forget!”. This December, the living legend of cinema Steven Spielberg will introduce us to “The Fableman Family” and give us the incredible opportunity to touch his innermost world. Inspired by Spielberg’s own childhood, The Fablemans is a deeply personal coming-of-age story of a young man who discovers a … Read more