Problems of Polish tourists in Spain, Greece, Tunisia and Egypt – a comment by Piotr Henicz, vice president of Ithak’s office

Some of the clients have already returned – yesterday, the day before yesterday. Some are back today. This is a very dynamic situation – said Piotr Henicz, vice president of Itaka travel agency in an interview with TVN24 Biznes. He explained that “the vast majority” of the several hundred tourists who are stuck on vacation … Read more

Tourists Record Video at Bromo Asked to Pay IDR 50,000, These are the Conditions – On Sunday (19/6/2022), a video circulated on social media showing tourists being asked to pay IDR 50,000 because he took videos of horse riders in the area. Mount Bromo. In the 27-second video, the uploader tells his experience when traveling to the Mount Bromo area. “If you go to Bromo, be careful, don’t … Read more

Dutch tourists stuck for hours with a car in a mud puddle in Wales

Two Dutch tourists were stuck with their car for hours in a mud puddle in a nature park in Wales last weekend. They were released by the North Wales 4×4 Response Group after about six hours. The tourists were driving an all-terrain vehicle on a mountain trail in Snowdonia Natural Park when their vehicle got … Read more

Mysterious Confessions of Tourists Missing on Mount Bromo : Okezone News

PASURUAN – Tourists from Malang who went missing on Mount Bromo were finally found safe. A tourist named Roni Nur Efendi was found in a hilly area not far from where the victim’s motorbike was found. The location of the victim’s discovery also has a slope of up to 65 degrees on Mount Emprit, Pusung … Read more

USA. Weather. The 67-year-old went in over 50 degrees heat to get fuel. Tourists found his body

Tourists in California’s Death Valley National Park found the body of 67-year-old David Kelleher. The man walked away from his vehicle because it ran out of fuel. The temperature outside was at that point over 50 degrees Celsius. Tourists visiting Death Valley National Park in the United States of California on June 14 found the … Read more

The swimming crossing of two young tourists culminated in a rescue on Ilhéu da Cal — DNOTICIAS.PT

Two young Danish men were rescued this afternoon on the Ilhéu da Cal, in Porto Santo, by the Maritime Police lifeboat (SR1), after having ventured to swim between the Calheta area and the aforementioned islet. At the ages of 17 and 18, the two young people will have realized that after all, the Ilhéu da … Read more

Turkey pulls out all the stops for Russian tourists

A flight from Novosibirsk has landed at Antalya airport. Russian tourists with colored trolleys and summer hats walk out of the arrivals hall. One of them is Andrei from Tomsk with his family. “I’m glad it worked out,” he says, waiting at the check-in desk of a Russian tour operator. “They just started new flights.” … Read more

Summer in Birštonas resort: foreigners are deterred by fear of war, Lithuanians are surprised by 9 euros per trampoline

The popularity of Birštonas was proved by the recent celebration of the city. The streets were full of cars, and the entrance to the resort on Saturday night was completely blocked – the traffic jam stretched for 7 km all the way to Prienai. Photo by Egidijus Garbaravičius / Car traffic jam when entering Birštonas … Read more

Tourists had a picnic in Venice. They got a huge fine

Tourists organized a picnic near Campo San Zaccaria, and according to the Independent server, they set up chairs around the tablecloth. However, the police cut off their party very quickly and imposed a fine of 1,050 euros (25,000 crowns) on each of the participants. “They may have thought they were behaving normally, but in Venice … Read more