They develop a technique to trace the origin of covid-19 in 4 hours

A group of Australian scientists developed a pioneering technique of genomic sequencing, fast and highly accurate, which will help determine the source of the unknown cases of covid-19 in only four hours, publishes a study this Thursday. Researchers at the University of New South Wales (UNSW) relied on a British nanopore sequencing method to identify … Read more

the first to leave a trace of the world to Turkey in Dentistry: T-endo MUST

Turkey’s healthcare sector is paying off with revolutionary medical devices and the related domestication movement. Öncü Dental Dentac has attached great importance to this topic for almost 15 years. Turkey presented the first channel that carried 100 percent of the property to be produced by national capital ‘T-Endo Must’, the result of three years of … Read more

They locate trace of supernovae in the trees; would cause alternations to the weather

New research indicates that there are traces of supernovas in the rings of trees, which may have caused some kind of alteration in the weather from Earth. Supernovae, a type of event that occurs in the universe suddenly and violently, happen when a star it reaches the end of its main sequence and explodes as … Read more

NHS test and trace chief Dido Harding should be left out of testing fiasco, says senior Tory MP

A high-profile Tory MP has said NHS testing and trail chief Baroness Dido Harding should be fired from her post due to the UK testing fiasco. Boris Johnson’s ally, Sir Bernard Jenkin, who chairs the powerful Senior Members Liaison Committee, told Sky’s Sophy Ridge that the “heart of the matter” is “the lack of a … Read more

September 11: Piñera calls on Chileans to “trace the paths to a better future” and not to leave “the same divisions and hatred that caused so much damage in the past”

The President, Sebastián Piñera, sent a message of unity to Chileans in a new commemoration of the coup d’état of September 11, 1973, when the government of Salvador Allende ended. And he asked to remember this date in a peaceful way. Speech that he made from La Moneda accompanied by all the ministers of his … Read more

Hygiene does not manage to trace in Prague, he admits. The opposition criticizes quarantine

Hygienists admit that they are not able to trace the contacts of positive cases, especially in Prague, as quickly as they would like. According to Prime Minister Babiš, the state is trying to help hygienists, and Prague’s hygiene has received additional technical equipment and workers for telephone lines – for example, from the army. From … Read more

When he is (not) able to trace. Experts warn of system overload and suggest wastewater analysis Home

PRAGUE Tracing and subsequent testing of asymptomatic individuals for covid-19 has its pitfalls in the form of the risk of overwhelming the testing capacity system. Jiří Beneš, a leading Czech infectionist from the Na Bulovce Hospital in Prague, pointed this out. “When the autumn sleet comes and common viruses arrive, if everyone is to be … Read more