Nvidia ReShade ray tracing filter application notice, DLDSR function added

It has been confirmed that Nvidia, working with ReShade developers, will add a ray tracing filter. ReShade is a post-processing injector mainly used in games. In addition to the graphic effects provided by the existing game engine, the user can apply the desired graphic effect like a filter. In particular, ray tracing-based shadows and improved … Read more

Dying Light 2 is shown in a new trailer that highlights the benefits of ray tracing

Dying Light 2, the sequel developed by Techland that will allow us to delve once again into a vast open world populated by zombies and different clans of survivors, heats our engines for its premiere next February 4th with a new trailer shared by NVIDIA GeForce (goes Gaming Bolt) that highlights various effects such as … Read more

The Day Before nos sigue recordando a The Last of Us con este tráiler gameplay con ray tracing

The survival MMO will arrive in June looking to offer the best possible experience for PC gamers. The press conference of Nvidia left quite a few headlines yesterday, including the presentation of the RTX 3090 Ti and RTX 3050 like new graphics cards. These, together with the rest of the series 30 plates, will allow … Read more

Quick swabs count as molecular ones. Tracing, opens the power station in Florence

Florence, December 29, 2021 – Yesterday was almost 35 thousand requests for molecular swabs in the only Asl Tuscany center which has the possibility of making a maximum of 10 thousand. Throughout the region there is a hunger for tampons: 65 thousand required compared to a current capacity to process 12-13 thousand a day in … Read more

South Africa stops tracking, most people have already met the covid

South Africa stops tracking contacts of people tested positive for covid-19. The majority of the population has already encountered the disease there, the health office said in a circular sent to the regions on Thursday. Only contacts related to major outbreaks, such as schools, social care homes, prisons or large social events, will continue to … Read more

4 stories of tracing with airtags that are cold in the back

The AirTags, this very practical little device that allows you to find your property thanks to a geolocation system was launched by Apple in April 2021. Inexpensive, practical, of high quality, with an extremely long lifespan and with a precise localization capacity, AirTags can allow us to get out of very uncomfortable situations (finding your … Read more

The core team of “Final Fantasy Origin” shares the tracing of “Final Fantasy” “Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin”

SQUARE ENIX and KOEI TECMO Games Team NINJA jointly developed the action role-playing game “The origin of Final Fantasy(Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin)”, recently cooperated with “Final Fantasy“On the 34th anniversary of the publication of the first series of “Final Fantasy“Interview traceable to the source for players’ reference. [The following content provides the original … Read more

Tracing these three diseases, 3,600 pregnant women in 35 sub-districts were examined by the Pandeglang Health Office and IBI

Pandeglang Health Office and IBI when holding a seminar in order to increase knowledge, awareness and independence of the community in preventing infection and transmission of HIV AIDS and Sexually Transmitted Infections (STI). (Engkos Kosasih/BantenHits.com) Pandeglang – The Pandeglang Health Office (Dinkes) in collaboration with the Indonesian Midwives Association (IBI) to conduct an examinationHIV, Syphilis … Read more

Is removing tracing from school medicine a mistake? “Your information is not entirely correct” …

Bénédicte Linard, Minister of Health and Culture in the Wallonia-Brussels Federation, was one of Fabrice Grosfilley’s guests on Friday morning in the special RTL info edition on BEL RTL. According to her, cultural circles should not be closed, “of course not: cinemas, theaters, museums can safely accommodate the public, they are not places of propagation“. … Read more

The tracing of positive cases in schools “is CHAOTIC” declares Caroline Désir

Caroline Désir, Minister of Education, was the political guest of Fabrice Grosfilley this morning at 07:50 on Bel RTL. In particular, she had the opportunity to explain who are the decision-makers in the event of contamination in a classroom: who decides on its closure? What about school? As a reminder, during the penultimate Codeco (editor’s … Read more