We will cooperate with Putin’s Russian military, China announced

The Chinese military will strengthen cooperation with the Russian armed forces. This was announced by the spokesman of the Chinese Ministry of Defense, Zhang Kefei, on Thursday. According to him, Xi Jinping agreed on this with Vladimir Putin during his visit to Moscow a week ago. China will strengthen cooperation with Russia in the military … Read more

Putin is preparing Russia for endless war. It will be for a long time, Peskov admitted

Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov admitted at a dinner to Russian elites that the war in Ukraine will continue for a long time. Russian President Vladimir Putin is preparing the country for an endless war with the West. “I suppose you expect me to say something,” Peskov began his speech in front of Russian elites. Daily … Read more

The parents of the pupils were outraged by Michelangelo’s statue. The school principal had to resign

The world was shocked by a case that happened at an American elementary school. The school board forced the principal to resign after one of the teachers was supposed to show children photos of Michelangelo’s David during art class. And that’s because the council considered it pornography. It is one of the most famous works … Read more

Putin was angered by NATO’s new move. “Like fascists during the war!” rages

Russian President Vladimir Putin is furious about the decision of the North Atlantic Alliance (NATO) to deepen cooperation with countries located in Asia and the Pacific. In an interview with Russian television Rossiya 24, Putin compared it to the cooperation of fascist countries united in the Berlin-Rome-Tokyo axis. At the same time, he rejects comparisons … Read more

The dreaded Wagnerians will withdraw from Ukraine. List of countries where they could appear

One of the most feared Russian units fighting in the war in Ukraine is Yevgeny Prigozhin’s private army called the Wagnerians. Mainly due to the fact that he absolutely does not care about his own losses. But Prigozhin announced that he would withdraw his army and concentrate on Africa, where the Wagnerites had previously operated. … Read more

Tensions in the Middle East. Drones hit US bases. The Americans responded with airstrikes

The fragile balance in the Middle East was interrupted by Thursday’s attack on American military bases in Syria. One soldier was killed and six others were wounded in the attack, which the US blames on Iran’s Revolutionary Guards. The Americans responded to the Iranian attack with their own. The outbreak of a new conflict threatens … Read more

Russia needs hundreds of thousands more troops. The former president announced a new plan

The Russian armed forces should have at least 1.5 million soldiers. Former President and Deputy Chairman of the Security Council of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev announced this in an interview with the TASS agency and other Russian media. Before the war in Ukraine, approximately 1.15 million men and women served in the Russian armed … Read more

VIDEO: Explosion in a chocolate factory. He razed the candy factory to the ground

Updated 15:38, 25/03/2023 25. 3. 2023, 07:23 A massive explosion rocked the American city of Reading on Friday. Around five o’clock in the afternoon, the chocolate factory there exploded. The accident claimed five lives and eight were injured. Another six people are still missing. A quiet Friday afternoon in the city of Reading, Pennsylvania, USA, … Read more

Ukraine is to receive weapons of mass destruction with depleted uranium. The Russians are furious

The big reaction among the Russian leaders and their allies was triggered by information about the supply of depleted uranium ammunition to Ukraine. There has been criticism regarding the negative impact on human health, concerns about escalation and threats. At the same time, Russia also uses this ammunition in Ukraine. British Defense Secretary Annabel Goldie … Read more

Russia has said how it will react if someone arrests Putin

Updated 13:48, 23/03/2023 23. 3. 2023, 12:48 Former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev issued a sharp warning to Western countries. If they decide to follow the arrest warrant for Russian President Vladimir Putin, they will be severely punished. Medvedev also called Ukraine part of Russia, and the world should not expect an improvement in relations in … Read more