Putin’s failing health: Three men who want to replace him in the Kremlin

News of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s alleged health problems has fueled speculation that someone close to him will try to oust him. One of the three high-ranking men could use his illness to take over the Kremlin. According to foreign media, the health condition of Russian President Vladimir Putin is rapidly deteriorating. As the footage … Read more

For the first time in its history, the European Parliament has a purely Czech Christmas decoration

For the first time in history, the European Parliament has a purely Czech Christmas decoration. From Tuesday, it will be decorated in Brussels with a tree from the Žďárské vrchy together with hundreds of handmade ornaments in the art nouveau style that come from Chrudim. Europe gave the world Art Nouveau, and therefore the motifs … Read more

FORECAST: It will really tighten up in the Czech Republic. Snow and frost await us

We won’t enjoy much sunshine in the following days. On the contrary, we should take out umbrellas and beanies. In addition, it gets really cold at night and temperatures drop below zero. “Central Europe will be in the marginal flow of a massive pressure high above northeastern to northern Europe. At the same time, a … Read more

The Kremlin is clear. He announced to which countries he would not supply any gas

Russia is guided by its own interests and will not shoot itself in the foot, said Putin’s spokesman Dmitry Peskov. He was reacting to the ongoing discussions on the introduction of a price ceiling for oil and gas, which are being conducted within the European Union and among the G7 countries. A Kremlin spokesman said … Read more

Does Putin have a new strategy? Russia could attack under a foreign flag, experts say

Russia is apparently preparing suitable conditions for another attack. But this time it’s different than before, say experts. They warn that the Kremlin could attack its own territory. Under a foreign flag. According to the American, the Kremlin Institute for the Study of War (ISW) is setting the stage for a false flag attack. He … Read more

Princess Charlotte will be a duchess. He robbed great uncle Edward of his title

The new Duchess of Edinburgh will most likely be Princess Charlotte. It was originally thought that his youngest son, Edward, Earl of Wessex, would inherit the title from his late father, Prince Philip. But everything will probably be different. King Charles III is keeping the title of Duke of Edinburgh for his granddaughter Charlotte, writes … Read more

Miroslav Etzler: I experienced the demonic covid, I am still struggling with the consequences

It has been more than a year since the actor Miroslav Etzler (57) ended up in the Covid ward of the Českolip hospital. However, he still feels the effects of the disease to this day. On Weekend Breakfast, he revealed why he has to keep fit and how he overcame himself. The star of TV … Read more

Is there a shortage of lard? People buy it because of expensive butter

Christmas is just around the corner and with it comes the season of baking Christmas cookies. You need to use some fat to prepare it. People most often reach for butter, which, however, has become significantly more expensive recently. You will also pay extra for lard, but you can get the same amount for roughly … Read more

Russia originally wanted to attack a completely different state, escaped from the FSB

Russia was preparing to attack another country. And that already since the summer of 2021, i.e. long before Vladimir Putin launched his invasion of Ukraine. This is according to the whistleblower of the Russian Federal Security Service (FSB), who revealed the original plans of Russia. On March 17, Russian human rights activist Vladimir Osechkin received … Read more

Putin wants to force the Ukrainians to surrender. The Kremlin’s latest plan has been leaked

Instead of the three days that the Kremlin originally expected, the war in Ukraine has been going on for nine months. According to recent statements, Vladimir Putin is not going to accept that Russia may not succeed in the end. There is allegedly a brutal plan in play to force Moscow to capitulate. It would … Read more