The fate of the police after receiving the “peaceful money” of Rp 600,000 and the driver snapping at the Bocimi toll road, ended up being investigated by Propam until they were transferred – The video of a police officer yelling at a travel driver at the exit of the Ciawi-Sukabumi (Bocimi) Toll Road, West Java (West Java), has become a highlight. This person also threatened the video recorder with the Electronic Information and Transactions Law (UU ITE). The policeman with the initials EF is also reported … Read more

Names of Police Generals Transferred by National Police Chief Listyo Sigit Prabowo

Jakarta – Police chief General Listyo Sigit Prabowo To do mutation by rotating positions high-ranking officer (Pati) to fill the position of deputy head of the regional police (Wakapolda). The mutation is contained in the letter Telegram number: ST/2046/IX/KEP./2022 dated 24 September 2022. There are three police officers who fill the position, firstly, Brigadier General … Read more

Being an Ordinary Civilian After being Officially Fired, Ferdy Sambo Will Be Transferred to the Mako Brimob Detention Center

TRIBUNNEWS.COM, JAKARTA – Ferdy Sambo has been officially dismissed from the National Police after an appeal against the decision to dishonorably discharge (PTDH) was rejected by the Police Code of Ethics Commission (KKEP) some time ago. After being fired, the National Police Headquarters also plans to move Ferdy Sambo from a special place to the … Read more

The range of packages to be transferred to the deposit system will be expanded

According to the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development (VARAM), the amendments stipulate that syrup and certain alcoholic beverage packages can be transferred to the deposit system. Currently, plastic (PET), cans or glass packages of carbonated and non-carbonated soft drinks, beer and other fermented products with an alcohol content of up to 6% can … Read more

“In 48 transferred from Milan to Rome, disguised dismissal” –

from Giampiero Rossi For Wednesday morning Filcams Cgil, Fisascat Cisl and Uiltucs have convened a garrison in via Fabio Filzi under the company headquarters: It is a masked and targeted dismissal, there are new parents and people with 104 And transfer collective that the unions define a disguised dismissal, and among the workers of … Read more

Members of the Criminal Investigation Unit at the Gakkumdu Center should not be transferred

Jakarta – Head of the Criminal Investigation Unit of the Police, Komjen Agus Andrianto asked all Kapolda to place the best Criminal Investigation Unit members in the Integrated Law Enforcement Center (Gakkumdu). This is done to deal with election crimes. “Then specifically to the Kasatwil, the police ranks through the DirCrimum, please convey a message … Read more

Russia claims to have transferred around NOK 3 billion to foreign politicians and parties

– We have reported to foreign political parties and candidates that if they accept Russian money and keep it secret, we can and will uncover it. This is what a top figure in the Biden administration told Reuters on Tuesday evening, on the condition that the person concerned remains anonymous. The recipients of the Russian … Read more

Fire in Frisian asylum seekers’ center: residents transferred | Inland

“Some people may have to be transferred to another location,” says a spokesperson for the Central Agency for the Reception of Asylum Seekers (COA). Four units, each with eight residents, suffered smoke and water damage as a result of the fire. There were no persons in the building when the fire was extinguished. There are … Read more

Giedrius Drukteinis and Andrius Užkalnis answer why the throne will not be transferred to Prince William: they named important circumstances

In the show “Delphi Day” interviewed A. Užkalnis said that Karol III could transfer his duties to Prince William at any time, but it is clear that he is in no hurry to do so after choosing the royal name. “Sometimes it seems to people that it is an option and a frivolous choice, almost … Read more

A groom fulfills his mother’s will on the wedding night and sleeps with his wife without mercy all night and causes her to be transferred to intensive care! (Details of what happened)

2022/09/07 It’s 09:40 a.m. Island Bay | Follow Favorite When the young Egyptian bride entered her marital home after the beautiful wedding, she expected it to be the last step of her life as a bachelor, but she didn’t realize it might be her last. Instead of the husband imprinting his kiss on his bride’s … Read more