Engström, Ylva Margaretha Maria – Regulation of intestinal epithelial proliferation, differentiation and tumor transformation via POU / Oct transcription factors

Background In tissues that regenerate continuously, such as skin, intestinal mucosa and blood cells, there are stem cells that divide continuously, and which are also vital when infections and tissue damage occur that must be repaired. At the same time, the regeneration from stem cells must be regulated very strictly so that a balanced new … Read more

This is a transformation! This is how time went with the best Czech bodybuilder Věra Mikulcová

Not everyone knows her story, yet Věra Mikulcová is one of the personalities who made the Czech Republic most famous. And on the soil of women’s professional bodybuilding. Věra Mikulcová is currently working hard on her body so that next year she can take part in the world’s top competition Ms. Olympia. It only takes … Read more

Transformation of bodybuilder Věra Mikulcová: From a little girl with a pot on her head to a mountain of muscles

Vera Mikulcova (40) won in 2015 the title of the heaviest and at the same time the youngest bodybuilder on the planet. In a year, he is going to conquer another big competition, Olympia. Hard work on your body the native of Jihlava started already during puberty, when she learned from the doctor that due … Read more

A terrifying and frightening appearance by the artist Bossi accompanied by Donia Abdel Aziz .. You will not believe how she became after the treachery of time and her transformation into a zombie in the form of a human being.!!

The artist, Bossi, and her two daughters, Sarah and Mai Nour Al-Sharif, welcomed the artist, Donia Abdel Aziz, and her husband, as the latest bride in the artistic community. This was accompanied by a group of mutual friends, most notably the artist Maysara, according to the photo that the bride published through her account on … Read more

Venca Konopník from the Sun, hay, .. after 31 years: Nobody knew him

The truck driver is the chisel who chased the girls in the car. He gained weight, his hair lost, his beard increased, but his smile is the same as it was 38 years ago. He fondly remembers filming in Hoštice, where Blažena and Miluna fought over him. “I got the role of Venci Konopník by … Read more

Viral Transformation of a Woman’s Face Changed because of Pregnancy, Shock So This Is

Malaysia – This woman’s face has changed since she was pregnant with her second child. She has an allergy that makes her face change, completely different from her real face when she wasn’t pregnant. It was Nur Husna Atirah Rosli who revealed that her facial skin suddenly changed when her pregnancy reached the age of … Read more

“The Umbrella Academy 3”. One of the heroes has undergone a gender reassignment. Shocking transformation [RECENZJA]

Swallows stand in front of the Umbrella team, and in addition to them, old heroes return, whose existence we have already forgotten. The relations between them are full of twists, secrets, digressions, breaking alliances – family members become enemies to each other, and fierce enemies their closest people. The story unfolds in many ways, on … Read more

Zhang Weili: The ultimate struggle to meet the transformation

  Original title: Zhang Weili: Extreme struggle to meet transformation After knocking down her opponent with a “dragon swinging tail” whip, the excited Zhang Weili ran freely in the octagonal cage. Mixed with the audience’s exclamations and cheers, it was Zhang Weili’s screams and roars… This is what happened during the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) match … Read more

The dramatic transformations of “homeless” at the hands of a hairdresser: “It’s not me” | Society

There are lives that unfold far from the normality that many of us assume as a right, in the midst of so much duty. Others, with so little lived through dramatic transformations, when they believed everything was lost. This is the case of the stories in this note, where several people living on the streets … Read more