1.27 million protesters across France oppose pension reform | Reuters

Large-scale protests took place across France against the government’s proposed pension reform. REUTERS/Gonzalo Fuentes [パリ 31日 ロイター] – Large-scale protests were held across France on the 31st against the government’s plan to reform the pension system. A total of 1,272,000 people took part in the protests across the country, according to the Interior Ministry. A … Read more

China’s corona infection peaks in many areas = state media | Reuters

[北京 10日 ロイター] – China’s state-run media said on Wednesday that officials believed the novel coronavirus infection had already passed its peak in many parts of the country. BEIJING (Reuters) – China’s state-run media reported on Wednesday that officials believe the novel coronavirus infection has already passed its peak in many parts of the country. … Read more

Angle: Peru’s former president arrested, socially vulnerable anger and deepening cracks | Reuters

LIMA (Reuters) – Farmer Leopoldo Huamani, 60, traveled three days from Charhuanca in southern Peru to the capital, Lima. And he joined a demonstration in support of former President Castillo, who was arrested and detained on treason charges. On December 18, Leopoldo Huamani, a farmer, traveled three days from Charhuanca in southern Peru to Lima, … Read more

Experts predict “three waves” this winter, with cities deserted due to rapid increase in Chinese corona | Reuters

[北京 18日 ロイター] – China’s major cities fell eerily quiet on Wednesday as people confined to their homes amid a surge in new coronavirus infections. Wu Chunyou, chief epidemiology expert at the Chinese Center for Disease Control and Prevention, said China is now in the first of three waves of infections expected this winter, with … Read more

South Korean truck driver union ends strike, unable to gain public support | Reuters

On December 8, the South Korean Truck Drivers Union decided to end its nationwide strike after a vote by its members. FILE PHOTO: Uiwan, South Korea, November 2022. REUTERS/Heo Ran SEOUL (Reuters) – South Korea’s truckers’ union said on Monday it had decided to end its nationwide strike in a vote of its members. The … Read more