Pedro Suárez Vértiz apologizes to ‘Cuto’ Guadalupe: “I wanted to highlight his alpha male condition” Farándula TRCM | SHOWCASE

Pedro Suarez Vertiz He returned to social networks to publicly apologize to Luis Guadalupe, after the former soccer player did not take the first post he dedicated to him in the best way. The singer stressed that his intention was only to defend him; However, ‘Cuto’ ended up getting uncomfortable. Through a brief statement published … Read more

Rebeca Escribens wastes sensuality in networks by showing a bikini at 45: “She is strong” Farándula TRCM | SHOWS

REGIA. The television host Rebecca Writens He drew sighs from his thousands of followers on social networks after he shared a video in which he was seen in a bikini at 45 years of age. In the video posted on her Instagram profile, the host of “América Espectáculos” appears lying on a pool while wearing … Read more

Andrés Hurtado attacks Efraín Aguilar for throwing him out of the theater: “I learned to be disciplined” | Peruvian television | performance | Chibolin | trcm | SHOWS

During the May 27 edition of “Because today is Saturday with Andrés”, Efrain Aguilar he was the star guest of the show. In that sense, Andres Hurtado he remembered the time the television director kicked him out of the theater. Certainly, the popular “Chibolín” recounted his experience in Aguilar’s theater workshops, but He recognized that … Read more

Reimond Manco strikes down Michelle Alexander’s series, ‘Los Jotitas’: “It was more false!” VIDEO farandula trcm | SHOWS

I had to say. Reimond Manco gave an interview to ‘You are in all of them’where he talked about his beginnings in soccer and his time in the ‘Jotitas’, the team that participated in the 2007 Korea U-17 World Cup. At that time, Yaco Eskenazi reminded Manco that Michelle Alexander made a series about the … Read more

Jossmery Toledo is captured at a Juan Luis Guerra concert and remains silent when asked about Paolo Hurtado VIDEO Rosa Fuentes farándula trcm | SHOWS

She froze. Juan Luis Guerra offered a concert on Thursday May 25 and among the personalities who attended the recital was Jossmery Toledo. The model was accompanied by a group of friends and was intercepted by the Trome cameras. Toledo did not want to talk about her professional and love life. “I’m fine thanks”is the … Read more

Alondra Garcia Miró | what are the diamonds used by the actress, how much are they valued and what brands are they | VIDEOS | showbiz trcm | SHOWS

HE LIKES EXPENSIVE. Alondra Garcia Miro She is one of the Peruvian models highly recognized by luxurious brands. The program ‘Magaly TV La Firme’ exposed the model, using gold jewelry, diamonds and more Some valued at more than 48 thousand euros. Here we tell you more details of the luxurious brands it uses. According to … Read more

Yahaira Plasencia |producer Sergio George shared reflections on his work with the salsa boat | VIDEOS | it was not a failure | show business TRCM | SHOWS

He doesn’t think it was a failure. Despite intense rumors of a potential feud after the salsa singer declared that they would no longer collaborate together, Yahaira Plasencia y Sergio George surprised by meeting for lunch at a well-known restaurant in Lima. Both shared photographs of this meeting that took place at the ‘Astrid y … Read more

The ‘Chinese’ Yufra reappears on television and breaks down: “One loses brilliance with age” | Pedro Yufra | The Choclito Band | Laughter and Salsa | VIDEO trcm | SHOWS

He ‘Chinese’ Yufraremembered for playing the popular ‘Ojitos Lindos’ in the ‘El Choclito Band’ reappeared after years of absence on television, thanks to a report broadcast by the ‘Banda del Chino’. The popular comedian from the late ‘Laughter and Salsa’, recalled his best artistic moments and couldn’t help but break down: “Now I see myself … Read more

Reggaetón Lima Festival concert chaos what happened report technical failures, annoyance of singers and ticket overselling Arcangel Lunay farándula trcm | SHOWS

A CHAOS. He Reggaeton Lima Festival 2023 developed in the St. Mark’s Stadium the last Saturday, May 20, however, has caused disgust among thousands of attendees, who reported technical failures with the audio, delay in starting the concert, ticket overselling and others. It was even the artists themselves who expressed their annoyance on stage. Videos … Read more

Carlos Alcántara, what happened to Henry Spencer: What is the origin of his “conflict” and why did Cachín kick him in a conference? show business trcm | SHOWS

WHAT WAS IT? The reaction of Carlos Alcantara with the popular youtuber Henry Spencer surprised more than one. The event happened during the conference for the premiere of the radio soap opera ‘La China Hereje’, directed by ‘Cachín’. Many users questioned what happened between the two figures. The “conflict” between the actor and director against … Read more