5 Treasure Mines Returning to the Motherland, Number 3 Colored by Papa Asking for Shares

loading… Freeport became one of the mines that was again controlled by Indonesia. Photo/Between JAKARTA – Mines the large ones that were previously controlled by foreigners, one by one returned to the lap of the motherland. Up to now there are at least six mines treasure both oil and minerals and coal, which the republic … Read more

First about gold – under the new management, NB wants to buy roughly 100 tons of gold. Czechia would then start building its gold treasure again and would eventually have the most gold in its history

esk nrodn banka by rda rozila dv zlat reserve piblin destinsobn, na vce ne 100 tun. M se tak stt how many let. In the day interview for denk Prvo it was stated by Nov Gov. NB But Michael. Do of gold he decided to invest widely like this, or vvoj the price precious metal … Read more

A unique discovery in the ocean: The wreck of a Spanish galleon hid a treasure of immense value

Among the finds that indicate that some of the treasures were intended for wealthy aristocrats or the royal family is, for example, a gold pendant with the cross of Santiago and a bezoar, which was valued in Europe at the time for its medicinal properties. It has the shape of a scallop shell, i.e. a … Read more

Sweden stiff: Polish treasure not for Poland

Soeder also pointed to Poland’s firm stance, while Sweden and Finland declared their readiness to join NATO structures. In his opinion, this aspect even dictates that the document, which is a piece of the historical heritage of Poland, should be returned. The problem is that the Swedish government will not change its position, according to … Read more

The Biggest Treasure in the World is in RI, Its Location is Here

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Indonesia is estimated to have the largest potential for oil and gas ‘treasure’ in the world. The magnitude of the potential for oil and gas treasures was driven by the findings in the Andaman II area, off the coast of Aceh, which is operated by Premier Oil. And then in Andaman … Read more

Not Coal-Gas, This RI Treasure is Fighting For China-USA

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The “treasure” of Indonesia that is being contested by foreigners is not only gold, oil, or coal. This also includes fruit. One of the important agreements agreed by President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) and Chinese President Xi Jinping, for example, is the export of Indonesian fresh pineapples to Beijing. The local pineapple … Read more

Su Zifeng bet on the treasure to save the AMD Ryzen processor and reduce the cost by 40% | XFastest News

Twenty years ago, AMD hit its opponents hard with the K8 processor and the first 64-bit x86 processor. This was one of AMD’s most glorious moments.However, Intel successfully reversed after the Core processor, and AMD was more than 10 years behind in the high-performance CPU until Su Zifeng became the CEO. Su Zifeng is affectionately … Read more

Juan Alberto Mateyko confirmed his new romance: “It’s a treasure that appears when I needed it most”

Separated from the mother of his daughter for many years, Juan Alberto Mateyko you are giving yourself a new chance at love. While show partners announced his affair with a woman named Terethe driver himself confirmed it in a radio program. “The third bombshell: a mature and enamored heartthrob, who is the namesake of Juan … Read more

A “natural treasure” appears and disappears… An Egyptian traveler reveals “secret” caves on the Mediterranean Sea

Dubai, United Arab Emirates (CNN) – The Egyptian traveler did not expect to find an unknown natural treasure in the waters of the Mediterranean Sea on one of the beaches of the coastal city of Matrouh (watch the video above). During his travels around Egypt, the Egyptian traveler Hani Al-Khalili seeks to explore the unique … Read more

The Treasures of the Ural Mountains Similar to the Written Surah Al Kahf

LIMA – Ural Mountains in Russia is one of the ancient mountains on Earth very similar to the walls of Gog and Magog clad in iron and copper as mentioned in the Quran in Surah Al Kahf. As reported by the Independent, the Ural Mountains in Russia are estimated to have aged between 250 million … Read more