Thieves steal historic gold treasure during million-dollar robbery in Germany | Abroad

22 nov. 2022 in ABROAD The Celtic Roman Museum in Manching. Ⓒ ANP AUGSBURG – Burglars stole a gold treasure from the Celtic period worth several million euros from a museum in the southern German city of Manching last night, the Bavarian police reported. The perpetrators managed to get into the exhibition space and broke … Read more

Celtic treasure, coins minted on Czech territory, were stolen from a museum in Bavaria

Thieves broke into the museum on Tuesday night and took all of the approximately 450 coins that archaeologists discovered near Manching in 1999. It was the largest hoard of Celtic currency found in the 20th century. The DPA agency states that approx 2000 year old treasure was the biggest attraction of the museum. According to … Read more

A nutritional treasure in winter.. 6 fruits that boost immunity

Although winter is pleasant, it brings many different diseases and viral infections. Therefore, it is important to follow a diet that strengthens immunity, as it must contain some winter foods that are a nutritional treasure to increase immunity. However, it is often noted that people tend to reduce their visits to the fruit market during … Read more

A man found a treasure worth a lot in his grandparents’ basement

A rare computer worth more than HUF 200 million fell into his lap. History has proven many times that what is worthless to one can be a treasure to another, just think of Pokémon cards changing hands for astronomical sums. The passion for collecting knows no bounds, which is why it’s worth keeping your eyes … Read more

a real hidden treasure for health. Let’s find out its secrets together

Join the group job offers, bonuses, disability, law 104, pensions and news Receive free news on job vacancies and the economy every day Telegram – Group Facebook – Group Bananas are a tasty and affordable source of some important nutrients at a price. People have been growing this tropical fruit since ancient times, and its … Read more

RI Finds Super Rare ‘Treasure’, Other Countries Don’t Have

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Indonesia has found a treasure that makes other countries jealous because it is rare. The treasure is an energy sector that has a myriad of benefits and high value. Rare Earth Element (REE) is one of them. This super rare treasure is indeed the target of the world because it is … Read more

some companies have accumulated a veritable “treasure”, to be returned to savers

It is a veritable hoard accumulated over many years, over which insurers are feverishly watching. At the end of 2021, yield reserves reached a total of 63 billion euros for life insurance contracts et capitalization predominantly savings and individual pensions (i.e. two-thirds of the life insurance market), indicates the Prudential Control and Resolution Authority (ACPR), … Read more

Wow! Pertamina Will Drill MNK ‘Treasure’ in Early 2023

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Pertamina Hulu Rokan (PHR) is starting to get serious about boosting production through the search for non-normal oil and gas reserves or in this case non-conventional oil and gas (MNK). One of them is through the drilling of the MNK well which will begin in the first quarter of 2023. President … Read more

This RI ‘Treasure’ Makes Jokowi’s Profit Dozens of Times!

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Indonesia has a variety of ‘treasures’ in the form of natural resources resulting from mineral mining, one of which is the mineral bauxite. If this bauxite treasure is exported with added value through downstreaming into alumina in the country, it is certain that the export value will reach 16 times what … Read more

Dig after.. Tutankhamun’s tomb hides a priceless treasure!

Although more than 100 years have passed since its discovery, the secrets of Tutankhamun’s tomb are still emerging day after day. New evidence has revealed that the famous tomb also includes the tomb of the legendary Queen Nefertiti. The treasure of the grave and with it other treasures The information added that a team led … Read more