“He was a super humble person, who respected us and treated us as equals”

The forward of Deportes Valdivia, Jorge Cordoba, talked with The Tenors of DNA about what it meant Diego Armando Maradona in his career, who directed him when the Argentine star was DT of the Dorados of Sinaloa in Mexico. Asked about what caused Maradona’s death, he indicated that “it’s really something very painful. Diego for … Read more

will treat Spaniards entering Gibraltar as Gibraltarians are treated in Spain

In a interview with the Gibraltar Chronicle, the main minister of Gibraltar, Fabián Picardo, has ensured that the British colony will apply to EU workers who enter Gibraltar the same treatment that Gibraltarians receive when entering Spain. Their statements responded to an interview given to the same media with opposition leaders who assured that with … Read more

More than 350 women were treated at the gynecological health mobile

The Municipality of Godoy Cruz together with the Ministry of Health, Social Development and Sports carried out the “Decide” Program where an operation was carried out for the early detection of breast and cervical cancer that was in charge of the government-dependent gynecological health mobile Provincial. This unit toured the neighborhoods of Godoy Cruz, stationing … Read more

The Radiation Oncology service of the Dr. Negrín Hospital has treated 26,000 patients in 20 years

The Radiation Oncology Service of the Hospital Universitario de Gran Canaria Dr. Negrín, a center attached to the Ministry of Health of the Government of the Canary Islands, has treated approximately 26,000 patients since the first radiotherapy treatment with a linear accelerator was performed on a cancer patient 20 years ago. On November 20, 2000, … Read more

The new oncology accelerator at the Fuenlabrada Hospital has treated more than 500 patients

The team TrueBeam integrates the most advanced conformal and image-guided radiotherapy systems, allowing you to treat moving tissues and organs with great precision and speed. In this way, with this system the irradiation time is shortened by 50% compared to that required by conventional technology, which means not only greater comfort for the patient, but … Read more

TODAY / Cancer patients from Itauguá are adrift and demand restitution of area to be treated

Unos 200 pacientes que integran la Asociación de Pacientes con Cáncer de Mama y Familiares del HNI (Apacfa) se manifestaron frente al Hospital Nacional de Itauguá de donde fueron prácticamente desalojados desde el inicio de la pandemia al ampliarse el espacio para atención de pacientes con COVID-19. Hace ocho meses, las pacientes con cáncer de … Read more

The first 12 cancer patients will be treated [Acuña] – 04/11/2020

Acuña, Coah.- A total of 12 oncological surgeries are being performed on the same number of women during the Surgery Day that will take place this weekend at the General Hospital of Zone number 92, as reported by Paola Ximena Ferrer Torres, gynecologist oncologist attached to the unit. He declared that these are patients with … Read more

TODAY / Oncology patients wait standing in a corridor to be treated in Itauguá

La joven Araceli Sosa estuvo siete meses en prisión y hoy fue absuelta del quíntuple crimen en la “casa del horror”. La Fiscalía analizará si apelará esta decisión de la justicia, ya que se mantiene en que la misma omitió dar aviso del asesinato cometido por Bruno Marabel. Un Tribunal de Sentencia absolvió por unanimidad … Read more

Diario Epoca – “Breast cancer is cured if it is detected and treated in time”

“Breast cancer is cured if it is detected and treated early” Although the pink month ended, October, Dr. Karina Maidana, coordinator of the Provincial Network for the Prevention of Breast Cancer, pointed out the need to have controls at any time of the year. “It is a preventable disease,” he remarked, and maintained that “every … Read more

Young man denounces that his mother who suffered a stroke has not been treated due to lack of equipment – Bogotá

Yeimi Cruz Cadena no longer knows what other doors to knock on. His mother, María Emilia Cadena, 66, He became ill on October 14, 2020. He had a severe headache while at home. “We had to take her by ambulance to the Hospital San Carlos foundation.” (We recommend: ‘With debts and without work in events … Read more