The reform of hospitals is called annihilation: how will the seniors living in the village be treated, who will transport them?

Municipalities are obliged to provide the Ministry with information on the situation in a particular municipality and their proposals for the reform of their health care institutions by 10 December. However, the mayor of Jonava and the head of the Association of Municipalities Mindaugas Sinkevičius says that the reform would affect local governments very unevenly, … Read more

Arath de la Torre treated Carmen Salinas badly and they demand her exit from the “Hoy” program

Arath de la Torre has angered social networks for an outrage he did to Carmen Salinas placeholder image, who since last November 11 is hospitalized and in a coma after suffering a brain hemorrhage. And the fact is that the followers of the 82-year-old actress remembered the uncomfortable moment that the host of the program … Read more

HIV, patient not being treated no longer has traces of the virus: it is the second case

November 17, 2021 10:04 AM The woman from Esperanza, Argentina, allegedly “sterilized” the infection in a natural way. This opens up new avenues for finding an effective and safe preventative vaccine This is the second case identified by Dr. Xu Yu and his team of researchers from the Massachusetts General Hospital and published in the … Read more

Treated as a “blood sausage” by Thierry Ardisson, Lara Fabian dezingue the host

If Lara Fabian has always been indebted to France for having crowned her as a singer, the Belgian-Canadian artist does not keep only good memories in France. Invited last November 15 on the set of the Quebec version of “Tout le monde en parle”, the interpreter of “I love you” returned to some virulent criticism … Read more

György Lang is treated in a sub-intensive care unit, he was taken to the ambulance with a stroke

A Pa-dö-dő her singer became ill at home at Monday dawn, and then an ambulance hurried for her. THE Pepper the news came from a reader: an artist in a seemingly serious condition was seen in one of the hospitals in the capital. We asked Györgyi Lang’s best friend and fellow musician, Mariann Falusi, an … Read more

How is diabetes treated?

Both Type 1 diabetes and Type 2 diabetes share some of the same warning signs. Among these are hunger and fatigue, which are felt despite the consumption of normal meals. If the body does not produce enough insulin, which the cells need to take glucose, or if the cells resist the insulin produced by the … Read more

How is pneumonia treated? 8 tips to avoid pneumonia

Although pneumonia can be treated when diagnosed early, it is a serious disease that can cause severe shortness of breath, respiratory distress, and even death, especially in infants whose immune system has not yet completed its development, in the advanced age group where it is not as strong as before, and in people with suppressed … Read more

British corona patient, who was treated for 300 days, learned to speak and walk again

Andrew Watts, described by doctors as ‘one of the sickest Covid patients we have ever seen’ and whose ventilator nearly shut down, was sent home nearly a year after a London hospital. Watts, 40, from Bexley, was admitted to Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Woolwich with a diagnosis of Covid-19 after falling ill in early 2020. … Read more

5 Facts about Mother from Magelang being treated in a nursing home, 3 of her children are angry after going viral

Jakarta – Recently, it has gone viral on social media, a 65-year-old woman has entrusted her three children with nursing home for busy reasons. In an upload on Instagram @malangdonasi, there is a story from the nursing home about the woman named Trimah being entrusted to Griya Lansia Husnul Khatimah, Malang Regency. Trimah herself and … Read more

Adviser to the Prime Minister: Unvaccinated people could be treated at home

With the number of resuscitation beds for COVID-19 patients decreasing, in the opinion of Prime Minister Ingrida Šimonytė’s adviser Živilė Gudlevičienė, in the future it may be necessary to decide not to place unvaccinated people in hospitals, but to provide them with treatment at home. “In fact, the language of not treating these unvaccinated people … Read more