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“Inconvenient” last night during the Fochi di San Giovanni, returned after two years of pandemic. In fact, during the fireworks display, in Piazzale Michelangelo, from which the fireworks were ‘fired’, a tree, a cypress, went up in flames, with the flames coming from the sparks of the ‘Fochi’ themselves. The show of the Fochi returned … Read more

Nong’s movements have implications. compare human life to a tree After the drama ended, Praewa

One piece became a Buddha image.One piece became a plank. The plank was unsatisfied. “We are all trees from the same tree, why would anyone step on me to prostrate myself?” The Buddha said to the plank that “Because she was sawed only once. But I’ve been slashed thousands and thousands of times!” so is … Read more

“Super cute water fruits! ~ Sousei Daiki Yosui Fruit Girl ~ ”Chinese version at Johren Flatbed 《Furutsu Furukyuto! ~ The Great Tree of Creation and the Maiden of Fruits ~ >> –Bahamut Gamer’s Special

The Japanese game platform “Johren” announced that Benge School’s turn-based RPG “The fruit is super cute! ~Creating the Tree and the Fruit Girl~(Original name: ふるーつふるきゅーと! ~Chuangsheng の big tree and fruit の Otome~)” Chinese version has been officially launched, strawberries, oranges, apples, grapes, cantaloupe, blueberries, kiwi, lemon and other fruits are all incarnations With the … Read more

The story of Rudi Hartono who was desperate to climb a mango tree for 5 hours when his house was hit by a flood

MAMUJUKOMPAS.COM – A resident who became a victim of a flood in MamujuWest Sulawesi (Sulbar) was desperate to climb a mango tree due to panic that his house was hit by a flood of more than 1 meter high, on Sunday (12/6/2022). Resident named Rudi Hartono (33) is worried that the water level will continue … Read more

Scientists can grow wood in the laboratory without cutting down a tree

To avoid cutting 15 billion trees every year, a team of researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) states that it is possible to grow wood in the laboratory in order to replace the products that drive the forest deforestation. In the study, MIT researchers took cells from common zinnia leaves and kept them … Read more

Heavy Rain, Fallen Coconut Tree Overlaps Pangandaran Resident’s House

Pangandaran News, (, – A coconut tree fell and hit a house in Cikubang Hamlet, Parigi Kecamatan DistrictPangandaran Regency due to heavy rain and strong winds, Wednesday (25/5/22). The head of Cintakarya Village, Wawang, said that the incident began at around 02.00 WIB when the owner of the house named Jiman was sleeping. However, it … Read more

If the car hits a tree, the driver is killed

On Sunday, a driver died in Vidzeme when a car crashed into a tree, according to information gathered by the State Police. Around 18.50 in Valmiera region, Kauguri parish, on the highway Valmiera-Brenguli-Biksēja, the driver of the car “Hyundai” drove off the road and hit an obstacle – a tree. The driver was killed at … Read more

Driver (30) dies after blowing home and tree shut: “He was a bon vivant you could always count on” | Instagram VTM NEWS

Ardooie / IzegemMarc Vanhauwaert (30) from Izegem died on Friday around 7.30 pm in the Izegemsestraat in Ardooie. The man lost control of his steering wheel in a bend and collided with a barrier and a tree at high speed. He died on the spot. “You could always count on him, we will miss him … Read more