Exhibition in the Fotostiftung – captivating pictures between concrete and trees – culture

contents The Swiss photo artist Georg Aerni finds his motifs where architecture meets nature: concrete buildings in the high mountains or stone towers in the landscape of Apulia. The Fotostiftung Schweiz in Winterthur honors his unique view of the world with the retrospective «Silent Transition». It’s not architectural photography. It’s not landscape photography. “I wouldn’t … Read more

Palm FFB Prices Continue to Slump, Farmers Are Really Down, Palm Fruits Will Rotate on Trees

BANGKAPOS.COM – The price of oil palm fresh fruit bunches (FFB) in a number of areas in Indonesia continues to decline. Of Bangka Regency Bangka Belitung Islands Province, palm FFB price at the farm level in the range of IDR 1,000-IDR 1,300 per kg. Price of palm FFB in the District Aceh Southwest (Abdya) Nanggroe … Read more

Twin pandas at Ueno Zoo are 1 year old! Looking back on the growth from the “pink” appearance at birth to climbing trees and “very scenes” (1/3) | 8760 by postseven

The twin pandas Xiao Xiao (male) and Ray Ray (female) at Ueno Zoo have celebrated their first year of birth. To commemorate that, we look back on our growth so far. Twin pandas born on June 23, 2021. The newborn Xiao Xiao weighed 124g and Ray Ray weighed 146g, which was small enough to fit … Read more

Driver sends bus full of elderly people narrowly between two trees: ‘Avoid much worse’ | Inland

Premium The best of De Telegraaf Door Harald Buit 20 jun. 2022 in INTERIOR The elderly are taken off the bus and transferred to another coach. Ⓒ DvhN FLUITENBERG – The Lanting Reizen bus driver sent the coach between two trees near Fluitenberg on Monday to bring 25 elderly people who were on their way … Read more

The supposed massacre of the trees

While carefully avoiding putting things into perspective, opponents of the tramway project worked to denounce the “massive cutting of trees and woods” that the construction of the tramway would cause. It is obviously impossible, unfortunately, to build a project the size of a tramway without cutting down trees. To be attractive and meet needs, such … Read more

Peace trees (2021) – review, opinion about the film [Netflix]. Evil never ceases to frighten

achievementsHandler#handleClickOnArticle”> Four women from very different backgrounds hide together in the basement of one of the houses in Ruandzie. The year is 1994, the blood of the Tutsi people is flooding the streets and the slaughter is still a long way off. Will they manage to survive? Will they even want to continue living after … Read more

People climbed trees, houses burned, water destroyed. 238 people did not survive the horror night

Heavy rains in the area at first raised the surface of the Rapid Creek River, which overflowed its banks. The biggest catastrophe occurred when the local dam burst at night and a huge wave flooded the city. People didn’t stand a chance against her, they suddenly had to fight for their lives. “The survivors described … Read more

[우주를 보다] Rotten trees on Mars?… Curiosity Captured: ZUM News

[서울신문 나우뉴스] A tree-shaped object captured by Curiosity. Photo = NASA/JPL-Caltech/MSSS NASA’s Curiosity rover, which is solving ‘curiosity’ on the red planet, has captured another interesting image from the surface of Mars. On the 15th (local time) of last month (local time), Curiosity’s ‘Mastercam’ took a picture of 3474 sols (SOL, a sol on Mars … Read more