Monkeydactyl from China, Flying Dinosaur Can Climb Trees

Zhou et al Reconstruction of the life of K. antipollicatus, the first flying dinosaur dubbed Monkeydactyl with opposite thumb found in Liaoning, China.—Paleontological researchers have discovered dinosaur newly discovered fly nicknamed “Monkeydactyl”. According to new research published in Current Biology, this animal is the oldest known creature to have evolved with a thumb that … Read more

a powerful storm broke the limbs and uprooted trees

Creation date: July 30, 2021, 9:09. Torn trees with roots, fell to the ground like matches, broken boughs and torn power lines – this is what Bory Tucholskie looks like after a powerful storm. Photos from the place show the enormity of the damage. According to the estimates of firefighters working in Bory, several hundred … Read more

Fear of being chased by bears, this couple takes shelter in trees for 10 days and starves

Anton and Nina Bogdanov (circled) when rescued after spending 10 days in a tree avoiding a ferocious bear. (Source: The Siberian Times) KAMCHATKA, KOMPAS.TV – A Russian couple had to take shelter in a tree for 10 days and starved after escaping from a bear chasing them. Anton and Nina Bogdanov were on vacation in … Read more

After the flaw, train traffic between Vilnius and Kaunas was disrupted due to the felled trees

“Due to trees felled on the rails, train traffic between Vilnius and Kaunas was disrupted. There are six trains that did not leave or did not arrive at the terminal. It was the seventh, but a bus was booked for its passengers, and its passengers reached their destination, ”he told BNS earlier. Earlier, he said … Read more

The storm on one road in Jelgava region felled about 30 trees

On Tuesday evening, a storm on one road in Jelgava region felled about 30 trees, according to information compiled by the State Fire and Rescue Service (SFRS). In connection with the damage caused by the storm and strong wind, a total of 23 calls were received by the SFRS from 15.20 yesterday to 6 am … Read more

evacuated camps, felled trees, flooded cellars (Namur)

The heavy rains notably resulted in the evacuation of several scout and sponsored camps. We take stock. The firefighters of the Dinaphi zone carried out nearly 150 interventions following the heavy rains that fell in the evening and at night from Tuesday to Wednesday, indicates the spokesperson for the zone, Patrice Lietart. Nine youth movement … Read more

Renewables, EU regulations do not stop deforestation. Greenpeace: “Climate change cannot be fought by cutting down trees”

The European directive on renewable energies (Red) will be modified soon, but the changes foreseen in the drafts do not seem sufficient to guarantee that the use of woody biomass (wood and pellets) is due to destruction and degradation of European forests. Which is already happening. To say “enough for the renewable phase”, on the … Read more

Various Benefits of Moringa Trees, Protecting the Yard from Negative Auras to Fighting Magical Powers

Reporter’s Report Bali Tribune, AA Series Kusniarti TRIBUN-BALI.COM, DENPASAR – Indonesia has various types of plants. There are plants that are used as ornaments. But there are also plants that are used as medicine. Like the Moringa plant. Also read: Benefits of Moringa Leaves for Beauty, Can Overcome Acne to Improve Skin Texture Maybe many … Read more

Nipple flashes and palm trees of honor – these were the highlights of the first day of the festival in Cannes

PublishedJuly 7, 2021, 3:24 pm The 74th Cannes Film Festival opened on Tuesday. We took a very close look at the jury and fashion. 1 / 8 US model Bella Hadid (24) is reminiscent of Hollywood films of bygone times in her robe and updo. AFP / Valery Hache Nike went for it and made … Read more