From Benjamín Vicuña to Santiago Artemis: the looks of the guests at Pampita’s birthday

Pampita Ardohain she celebrated her 44th birthday with all the style that characterizes her. In a Buenos Aires restaurant, she was the queen of the night with a bold black dress cut out with an XL cut and she was seen very smiling with her husband, Roberto Garcia Moritan, su beba, Ana, and her three … Read more

New Car Market Trends: The Popularity of Electric Cars Grows Occasionally and Crossovers Become a Dominant Segment

During the whole of 2021, a total of 34,878 new passenger cars were registered in Lithuania, which is 19.5 percent. less than in 2020, but a large part of it was re-exports, so, although it was not easy, the market of new cars in Lithuania in 2021, compared to 2020 and excluding re-exports, grew by … Read more

Insurers spoke about new trends in car theft 01/16/2022

The pandemic and the efforts of law enforcement officers have dramatically changed the situation with thefts, according to data from the Renaissance Insurance company. Thus, expensive SUVs and luxury cars, traditionally preferred by criminals earlier, left the leaders. But the mass market is being kidnapped actively, and there have been changes in the top of … Read more

Respond Wisely to NFT Trends

JAKARTA, – Sultan Gustaf Al Ghozali or Ghozali Everyday suddenly became a rich man thanks to his selfies that were sold in OpenSea. This phenomenon was then followed by other Indonesian citizens. Unfortunately, this trend is not being followed with caution as many are upload a photo of yourself with an ID card which … Read more

Mastercard predicts the trends of 2022 in Latin America, including Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies and 5G

Thiago Dias, Vice President Fintech & Enablers for Latin America from Mastercard revealed what the 5 trends are Fintech for this 2022 in the financial services of Latinamerica including the Blockchain and the cryptocurrencies. In the statement signed by Thiago, reference is made to the evolution of financial systems driven by the coronavirus pandemic Coronavirus … Read more

Predictions for Gemini in 2022: See how you will do in health, money and love | Carmen Briceño nnda nnlt | TRENDS

Updated on 01/10/2022 04:30 pm With the beginning of 2022, there are several people who resort to astrology to find out how the next few months will go; And it is not for less, because taking into account that we are still living in the middle of the pandemic due to COVID-19, uncertainty takes hold … Read more

Maru Botana and her family combine beach looks in Punta del Este

Fanatic of the outdoors and especially of the beach, Maru Botana She is enjoying the first days of the year in Punta del Este with her husband, Bernardo Solá, and his sons. And like many other families, they joined a trend that is all the rage on the networks: that of dressing in matching colors. … Read more

CES 2022 is over, here are 5 technology trends for the future – All Pages – The 2022 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) has officially ended on Saturday (8/1). The exhibition, which has been held since Wednesday (5/1), has also become a place to introduce a number of people technology for the future. Not only from companies engaged in the industry technology such as smartphones, AIoT, or the like. There … Read more

“This is a choreography that my cousins ​​taught me”: Shakira and her cousins ​​set the web on fire with their movements

As a curious fact, despite the beauty of the three o’clock, the show was stolen by his son Sasha with the mischief he did to them. No one can argue that Shakira is one of the celebrities who has the best dance moves. And as if to prove that her talent runs in the family, … Read more

Exatlón México: Ximena Duggan throws herself against Zudikey after last fight

The Exatlón México enters its final stage and the participants put the accelerator on to be one of the best and be able to reach the Grand Final of the reality show, which everything seems to indicate will be the last Sunday in January, for this reason the double eliminations and the spirits so heated … Read more