These are the Media Trends 2023 » Leadersnet

| editorial staff | 27.11.2022 The economic situation and the attitude of consumers towards content, commerce and community set the tone. For the second time in a row, dentsu’s global media agency brands have summarized their insights and predictions in the “Media Trends 2023” guide for marketers worldwide. The report is based on experts from … Read more

The most useless missile has finally launched – Trends magazines on PC

NASA has finally succeeded in launching an SLS rocket into space. That should eventually lead to a new human being on the moon. Although there are cheaper alternatives. The largest rocket in the world has finally lifted off from Earth. The American space agency NASA had been trying to fly with the Space Launch System … Read more

Prohibition of product purchase (‘22.11.28. ~ ‘22.12.02.) Bidding Trends – Press Release | briefing room | news

Prohibition of product purchase (‘22.11.28. ~ ‘22.12.02.) Bidding TrendExpected bidding worth KRW 239.7 billion, including ‘Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) Advanced Type Installation and Delivery’ for Demand at Armed Forces Capital Hospital □ The Public Procurement Service is ‘22.11.28. ~ ‘22.12.02. During the period, a total of 319 cases, including the installation and delivery of high-end … Read more

AMD open-sources Radeon ray tracing analysis tools, making it easier for developers to create realistic light and shadow environment effects- mashdigi-Technology, New Products, Interests, Trends

AMD announced earlier that it will open source its Radeon ray tracing analysis tool, and pass the relevant original code throughGitHubshare. The relevant information of the Radeon ray tracing analysis tool was actually uploaded to GitHub in July this year, but at that time it was only stated that AMD had this tool ready to … Read more

Nintendo believes that it is not difficult to achieve backward compatibility of games on the new generation of game consoles, but it is not the current development goal- mashdigi-Technology, New Products, Interests, Trends

recent earnings conferenceQuestion answerAmong them, Shigeru Miyamoto, who has the title of “Father of Mario”, said that according to the current technological development, it is not difficult to achieve backward compatibility on the new generation of game consoles, so as to play games that have been released on previous consoles. Not Nintendo’s current development goals. … Read more

Have you seen them yet? Artemis I already sent back videos and photos of Earth from space

For the first time since the last Apollo mission, in 1972, a spacecraft designed to take humans to the Moon takes photos of Earth from space. The images were sent in the early hours of this Wednesday and were captured from the Orion spacecraft, which is equipped with 16 cameras inside and out to document … Read more

Juliana Díaz from Big Brother put on a pair of 100,000-peso boots and Julieta Poggio destroyed her

Juliana Diaz She is one of the most hated by Big Brother fans, criticized for speaking ill of her companions, but also for her romance with Maxi and her friendship with La Tora. This week she revolutionized social networks by saying that bought a pair of boots for 100,000 pesos in a mall However, when … Read more

Cryptocurrency Mining Hardware Market Size And Revenue By 2028 | Latest Trends, Key Players, Types, Applications

Absolute Reports Pvt Ltd Pune, Nov. 15, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — The Cryptocurrency Mining Equipment market report is knowledge and experience shared by industry experts to make right decisions for manufacturers, new incoming and industry chain related enterprises. The report includes a global study with key market players, near future growth, revenue and market share, … Read more