Volleyball Champions League. ZAKSA Kędzierzyn-Koźle advanced to the semi-finals. She defeated Itas Trentino after the golden set (sport.tvp.pl)

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Sunday of overwork for the Trentino mountain rescue: this is where the interventions were carried out – Mountains

TRENTO. Sunday of intense work for the Trentino rescuers. A hiker born in 1961 residing in Dro (TN) was transported by helicopter to the Santa Chiara hospital in Trento after slipping for a few meters while walking along the path of Scaloni (or Path of Cavre) above the village of Dro (Valle del Sarca). In … Read more

Drug alarm, the shortage is starting to make itself felt even in Trentino – Chronicle

TRENTO. “In fact, there are shortcomings, and even heavy ones, but we try to make up for as best we can”. Peter Morelliowner of the homonymous pharmacy in Baselga di Pinè and president of Fedefarma of Trentino thus comments on the shortage of drugs that pharmacies and consumers have to face. A shortage that is … Read more

Davis Cup Tickets – La Serena Chile 2023 Trentino Complex

CHILE ONE STEP AWAY FROM THE END OF THE WORLD Chile is one step away from playing the final series of the World group. With the victory against Kazakhstan this February 4 and 5, Chile takes out the tickets to get to Malaga where the tennis world final will be played. La Serena will witness … Read more

The first born of the year in Trentino at 4.27 at Santa Chiara. Births are collapsing – Chronicle

TRENTO. Is called Haiderof Pakistani nationality, weighs 3 kg and 70 grams and is the first born in Trentino in 2023. The baby was born at 4.27 this night at the Santa Chiara hospital. The last one born in 2022 is called Cecilia: she was born last night at 11.14 pm in Rovereto. The last … Read more

Series of accidents on Trentino roads during the snowfall: several injured – Chronicle

TRENTO. Not only haywire traffic in some areas and slowdowns on many other roads, following the snowfall in Trentino since this afternoon. It also snows at the bottom of the valley and in a few hours it has already reached a height of 10-15 centimetres. Accidents reported in various locations: one of the most serious … Read more

Influenza in Trentino: the state of alert remains, one dead and five patients in intensive care – Health and Wellness

TRENTO. Files in the outpatient clinics of family doctors and pediatricians. But also access to the emergency room and in some cases even hospitalizations. In recent days in Trentino the flu, the H3N2 virus has also made its first victim. A man over seventy who had been hospitalized for respiratory problems and who did not … Read more

Intense traffic on the A22 and slowdowns on the Trentino arterial roads, with the expected transit of 36,000 vehicles. Here is the situation on the roads

TRENTO. Intense traffic on the A22 and slowdowns along the main roads in Trentino. The Province of Trento communicates that the passage of is expected today 36 thousand vehicles in correspondence with the city of Trento on this Sunday of returns that closes the weekend of the Immaculate Conception. A very high turnout in the … Read more

Trentino, an avalanche overwhelms two ski mountaineers in Val di Fassa: one of the two is very serious

Two ski mountaineers who were part of a group of seven people were involved in the Avalanche fell near the San Nicolò passin the municipality of Se’n Jan di Fassain Trentino. One of the two was completely buried and after being pulled from the snow and revived he was urgently transported to the valley by … Read more

Weather, cold air from the north arriving in Trentino and falling snow levels: this is how far the flakes will descend next week

Weather, cold air from the north arriving in Trentino and falling snow levels: this is how far the flakes will descend next week TRENTO. Rain alle quote lower e neve over i 1,600 meters: is this today (December 4) the situation on territory provincialwhere in the last few hours about 20mm from rainfall in the … Read more