Military soldiers were arrested, tricked by a female student in m 3, secretly filmed a porn clip, kept blackmailed, rolled over 30,000 money

catchSoldierOne of the famous camps in Buriram province tricked a 3rd grade female student.clipPorn sent to see secretly recorded. Blackmail rolled money. The victim had to be forced to make money to transfer from 100–5,000 baht to 32 times, more than 35,000 baht. The teacher saw unusual depression and asked until he knew the truth. … Read more

Russian students complain that they were tricked into holding flash mobs in support of Putin

Students from Moscow and Belgorod took part in the events in support of Russian President Vladimir Putin. According to them, they were invited to an event not related to the head of the Kremlin. On February 5, students of the Kutafin Moscow State Law University were used to shoot a video flash mob in support … Read more

Tricked older women – Mannheim morning

Leimen / Gaiberg.In Leimen and Gaiberg, two pensioners have been caught by fraudsters in the past few days. An 83-year-old woman from Leimen wanted to help her nephew’s supposed wife when she handed a five-figure amount to a money messenger. She was with a notary and needed financial support for a property purchase, the alleged … Read more

“They tricked us”: hospital declared COVID-19 patient dead, but later admitted his mistake

Family members await reports of patients diagnosed with covid-19 outside a Hospital of the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS) today, in Mexico City (Mexico). EFE / José Pazos On December 30, Doctors of the General Hospital of the Mexican Institute of Social Security (IMSS) No. 1 The patient, Armando Paredes Serrano, was declared dead … Read more

Hairdresser claims Pelosi was tricked into a trap when she ended up in the scissors

Pelosi herself says she takes responsibility for trusting the San Francisco salon, which she has used several times before. She claims she was told that indoor haircuts were allowed as long as there was only one customer at a time. – I take responsibility for having fallen for a trap, says Pelosi, who is the … Read more

Ashanty Drop After Emotions Drained Almost Tricked by Sultan Jember, Anang Hermansyah’s Wife Even Fear While Taking a Health Test: Lest … – All Pages

Instagram Collage @ashanty_ash and screenshot The Hermansyah A6 Youtube His condition dropped after he was almost deceived by Sultan Jember, Ashanty was actually scared when she was undergoing a medical, why? GridPop.ID – Ashanty and his family revealed their frustration, gegara almost got tricked by people who claimed to be Sultan Jember. The emotions of … Read more