What was behind the unexpected success of Puskarčíková? Secret tricks and new love?

Temperatures in the first destination of this year’s World Cup dropped to minus 15 degrees Celsius during the race days. Definitely nothing pleasant for athletes. The great cold usually causes problems for the Czech biathlete Eva Puskarčíková, who, according to her, did not want to get out of the hotel at all. In the end, … Read more

Black Friday 2021: smaller offer and still the same tricks, except for Alza and CZC, says the analysis

How did Czech e-shops calculate discounts during this year’s Black Friday? He traditionally focuses on this issue shop guard service analysisfor which companies stand Apify, Keboola a Topmonks. The main news compared to previous years is that two large stores (Alza and CZC) calculate discounts from real prices before the discount event. Most other e-shops … Read more

WhatsApp: “invisible mode” and “offline mode”, the tricks so that they do not see you connected in the app

WhatsApp is the most used messaging application in the world. But many prefer to prevent all their contacts from knowing when they are online, when they write, or to be able to read messages without the double blue check mark for “read” appearing. Avoid appearing “online” on WhatsApp is possible thanks to a trick called … Read more

Proven Powerful! Here’s How To Change Telkomsel’s Multimedia Internet Quota To Be The Main Quota: There Are Two Special Tricks!

MY KENDAL – Proven magic, see how to change quota internet multimedia Telkomsel Becomes quota main in a way that will be explained below. For users Telkomsel who want to change quota internet multimedia Becomes quota main, please read in detail the two special tricks that Kendalku teaches. In this article written in full and … Read more

WhatsApp: tricks to hide the “online” and the “typing” | Chronicle

WhatsApp It is the most used messaging application in the world and it is almost impossible not to use it at least once a day to communicate with someone. However, more and more people show WhatsApp-arrives-a-new-function-to-maximize-the-privacy-of-your-account-20210718-0017.html “target =” _ blank “> concern for their privacy, so they go to platforms such as Telegram. For example, … Read more

Simple Tricks to Recover Your Smell After Covid-19 Infection

Plost your sense of smell or did you experience olfactory changes after SARS-CoV-2 infection? Anosmia (complete loss of smell) and parosmia (distortion of the sense of smell) are some of the most common symptoms of Covid-19 and can even interfere with our ability to taste food. The good news is that there are techniques to … Read more

4 iPhone tricks revealed by a former Apple employee

Find out how you can record video from camera app on iPhone with background music. (screenshot: Official Apple Fanatic) Users of iPhone they often try to get the most out of their device, but even the most expert are not aware of all the possibilities at their fingertips. The technical expert and tiktoker Sabrina Badin, … Read more

Let’s learn how to choose the most beautiful and lasting Christmas star in 1 minute and with 3 simple tricks

It is the floral symbol of Christmas par excellence! How not to notice it in the decorations of offices and shops decorated for the holidays? Impossible, then, to remain indifferent in front of the beautiful expanses of poinsettias positioned at the entrance of the many flower shops, especially near the Christmas holidays. In short, the … Read more

Microsoft has thwarted tricks of users ignoring Windows’ built-in Edge browser

<!– Дмитрий Степанов –> 16 November 2021 13:5316 Nov 2021 13:53 | Share this Microsoft has once again made it difficult for Windows 11 users to ditch the OS’s built-in Edge browser. A future system update will grant Windows the right to force some links to open in the built-in browser. The tricks used by … Read more

Ringtones for WhatsApp: this is how it can sound like MSN Messenger

Editorial Mediotiempo Mexico City / 16.11.2021 11:39:56 Whether in fashion, video games, movies or television series, everything that carries a sensation retro the vintage It is widely accepted by the generation that until not long ago were teenagers and are now parents. Well, to this trend of recovering the old are added social networks because … Read more