The WhatsApp trick to transcribe audio without installing anything

Transcribe the audio WhatsApp It would be one of the best functions of the application, but while waiting for the company to include this utility in the official app, we are going to show you another method that you can follow without installing any app. [Con lo nuevo de WhatsApp no volverás a perderte los … Read more

iPhone: tricks to save mobile data with iOS 16 | apps | smartphone | nnda | nnni | SPORT-PLAY

Has it happened to you that you are on the street and do not have access to internet? If this happens, it is normal to use mobile data to be able to have a network connection. However, if this is done on a regular basis, you could be spending a lot of megabytes without realizing … Read more

and some tricks to do it in large batches for those gatherings with friends

The mojito It is a very popular drink or cocktail in Mexico and the world. Its refreshing, sweet flavor and with a lot of Latin flavor, have placed it in the top 10 of the lists of the best cocktails in the world and it is impossible that you do not find it in the best bars of mixology from anywhere, and it is a classic: it is a mixture of ron, demand, lime, sugar and a little mineral water or other soda. We teach you how to prepare it.

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Free online games: what are the best titles to play on PC | Hack | Tricks | lol Dota 2 | Fortnite | Smite | CSGO | Dauntless | Planetside | Mexico | Spain | SPORT-PLAY

nothing like them free online games. You don’t have to spend a lot of money on consoles or subscriptions to have a good time at home, especially if you have a computer. We already know that cell phones are the easiest options, but there are video games that can only be enjoyed on a good … Read more

Dear bills, with these tricks the hairdryer consumes 30% less: start saving

Il dear bills worries all Italians, especially witharrival of autumn. Ready now to say goodbye to summer, citizens and families are preparing for the colder months and, consequently, for methods to save on heating or on the use of some household appliances. Between these, the hairdryer, in spite of its size, is one of those … Read more

The apps to block calls from call centers and other tricks when the opposition register is not enough

Dal July 27 last has been extended to the numbers of mobile phone the possibility of to sign up al register of oppositionsa free service that allows you to to block definitely the numbers you receive from commercial calls you don’t like. Annoying call centers and telephone operators seemed doomedand the era of harassing phone … Read more

Instagram: the guide to schedule a publication from iOS | iPhone | nnda | nnni | SPORT-PLAY

It has many functions Instagramthat is why the app It has thousands of users who constantly post different photos and videos on its platform and thus gain more followers. But if you don’t have much time to post an image on a particular day, one solution is to program it so you can organize yourself … Read more