Lucas, 13, ends his life in France: “Harassment was the trigger”, says his mother

The mother of young Lucas, a schoolboy who committed suicide in early January in Golbey (Vosges), estimated on Monday that the harassment suffered by her son because of his homosexuality had clearly been “the trigger” in the transition to act of the 13 year old boy. “For me it was the harassment that was the … Read more

It’s cold in Porto, but is it enough to trigger the contingency plan for those who live without shelter? – Present

In view of the notice of the Portuguese Institute of the Sea and Atmosphere that the cold snap that hits mainland Portugal will last until at least Thursday, February 2, the action of Porto City Council has been called into question. At issue is the fact that it has not activated its Contingency Plan for … Read more

Stop Eating Fried Cabbage! Danger If Frequent Consumption Can Trigger Cancer?

AYOSEMARANG.COM — Fried cauliflower for some people is a culinary favorite. But the fact is, this food has bad effect and danger for health if you often consume it. Fried cauliflower is considered by some to be a food that adds to the appetite, especially when used as a side dish for fresh vegetables. Wow, … Read more

Can Sweet Drinks Trigger Tonsillitis? Check the Facts HERE!

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Tonsillitis is an infection that occurs in the small glands found in the throat. This condition is generally experienced by children. Inflammation of the tonsils is often caused by a virus, but it is also possible that it can be caused by bacteria. Transmission of bacteria or viruses in tonsillitis occurs … Read more

Comment: The fall of the boss can trigger a mafia war

TATT: The arrest of mafia boss Matteo Messina Denaro could trigger a power vacuum in Cosa nostra. Photo: Carabinieri / AP The arrest of mafia boss Matteo Messina Denaro (60) solved one problem for Italian police, but triggered another: the battle for succession. Published: Yesterday 04:05 Updated yesterday 15:15 This is a comment. The comment … Read more

A volcanic crater appears under Santorini Island, feared to trigger a major eruption

loading… Scientists discovered a volcanic magma chamber or crater beneath the underwater volcano Colombo, in the Mediterranean Sea, near the Greek island of Santorini. Photo/Santory/Volcanoroots ATHENA – Discovery of volcanic magma chambers or craters below volcano under the sea of ​​​​Columbo, the Mediterranean Sea, surprised the researchers. Moreover, the eruption of Mount Columbo once destroyed … Read more

Don’t be trivial, depression can trigger a stroke, recognize the 7 symptoms

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Diseases that are classified as medical emergencies, namely strokes, must be anticipated by the community early on before they attack the body. This is because the disease is the highest cause of death in Indonesia in 2014, based on records from the Ministry of Health. Stroke, which is also commonly considered … Read more

Small Habits That Can Trigger Heart Disease, Don’t Do It Again

This habit can actually increase the risk of cardiovascular health problems. REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA — Some people may be used to sprinkling garam addition to the food they are about to eat. Although it can make food taste better, this habit can actually increase the risk of cardiovascular health problems such as heart disease. The relationship … Read more

One of the top 5 health threats! From allergies to cancer, from learning disabilities to heart diseases, there is nothing it does not trigger.

ARE AIR PURIFICATIONS A GOOD ALTERNATIVE? What has happened to the whole world in recent years has also caused differences in our needs. Of course, epidemic diseases come first among them. At this very point, air purifiers began to be in demand much higher than normal, with the claim that they destroyed almost 99 percent … Read more