For limited liability companies, the obligation to appoint controllers is triggered

By the date of approval of the financial statements for the 2022 financial year, the limited liability companies must proceed with the appointment of the control body (single or collective) or of the statutory auditor if in the financial years 2021 and 2022 it is exceeded at least one of the following size limits: total … Read more

BMKG: The M4.3 Cianjur Earthquake Was a Shallow Earthquake Triggered by Cugenang Fault Activity

Here’s what to do before, during and after an earthquake. Before: – Make sure that the structure and location of your house can be protected from hazards caused by earthquakes, such as landslides or liquefaction. Evaluate and renovate your building structure to avoid earthquake hazards. – Get to know the environment in which you work: … Read more

chronic fatigue syndrome triggered by your food choice

Do you often feel tired and exhausted? If so, you are not alone. Many have experienced a similar feeling of fatigue, which doesn’t seem to go away despite getting enough sleep each night or eating healthy meals throughout the day. In reality, fatigue can have many different origins, including dietary and medical issues. Read on … Read more

Is it true that the Moon Triggered the Rob Flood Event?

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Moon not just a decoration in the night sky. Its role is very important on Earth, one of which is triggering wave at sea even though at certain moments it can be dangerous. Previously, the Head of the Meteorology Center of the Meteorology, Climatology and Geophysics Agency (BMKG) Eko Prasetyo predicted … Read more

Income earners linked to clans, kidnappings are triggered – Campania

Also 4 dwellings and a gold collier The amount that the carabinieri seized from 20 people allegedly related to clan members of the Neapolitan area is approximately 220 thousand euros: a sum that the recipients of the provision issued by the investigating magistrate of the Court of Torre Annunziata, at the request of the Public … Read more

what it is and the causes of this disorder which can also be triggered by sex –

Of Daniel of Diodorus It’s called “transient global amnesia”: it is a temporary but impressive disorder that resolves spontaneously. What are the triggers (including intense sport, pain, emotions and altitude) It is an impressive phenomenon: at a certain point, suddenly, a person appears completely disoriented even temporarily, it seems not fix anything in memory and … Read more

– United have triggered the extension clauses for the United quartet

It may not be the world’s most surprising news that it happens, but according to reliable Laurie Whitwell i The Athletic have United taken advantage of the opportunity to trigger the extension option in the contract of four of the players on expiring contracts. The players in question are Marcus Rashford, Fred, Diogo Dalot and … Read more

Triggered by Heartache, Driver Tortures Older Employer Wearing Mask to Death, Surrounded by Residents

TRIBUNJATIM.COM – One person employer abuse driver himself who was elderly to death in North Jakarta. Elderly victim named Mary Chandra (76) died at Griya Inti Sentosa Housing, Sunter Agung, Tanjung Priok. Mery Chandra died at the hands driverHis own name is none other than Herman. Apparently sick driver on the victim’s behavior towards him. … Read more

Collapsed After the Trailer Passed, This Triggered the Pamuruyan Cibadak Sukabumi Bridge to Collapse – Ambrolnya jembatan pamuruyan di Cibadak Kabupaten Sukabumi Jawa Barat, Selasa (13/12/2022) sekitar pukul 09.00 WIB. Saksi menyebut sebagian badan jembatan ambruk setelah truk trailer pengangkut besi lewat. Nuriaman (47 tahun) warga sekitar lokasi menceritakan bahwa ambrolnya jembatan pamuruyan terjadi saat pelaksana pembangunan duplikasi jembatan tengah melakukan pengerukan tanah. “Lagi pengerukan tanah, sekitar jam … Read more