The conflicts that triggered the suspension of the sale of J&J powders around the world | International

During this day, the decision of the company with a worldwide presence was announced. To date, the brand has received about 40,000 complaints for using asbestos, a carcinogenic component, however, they assure that the decision is not due to this. This Thursday the personal care company Johnson & Johnson (J&J, are its acronyms) suspended the … Read more

Goodbye Euro banknotes: that’s when the definitive change is triggered – the Democrat

The final change of the Euro banknotes takes place: this is what the subjects, the details and the curiosities will be ready to see We all know chand the banknote since ancient times has been a paper instrument with no direct intrinsic value, dating back to the 14th century. Originally the banknote recognized the right … Read more

shopping centers in crisis, the news is triggered. Primark lands at the Nave de Vero

MESTRE – If the shops suffer in the center, not even in the commercial galleries is toasted to champagne. Indeed, the crisis, the pandemic and, in the case of Mestre, also the excess supply between hypermarkets and commercial areas that have grown in the last two decades, also puts a strain on structures that – … Read more

Thinks a picture triggered the murder of a British journalist in the Amazon – VG

A girl from the Brazilian indigenous population colors a poster with a picture of the murdered British journalist Dom Phillips and the indigenous expert Bruno Pereira. Photo: Eraldo Peres / AP / NTB The Amazon killings in June probably happened after the deceased tried to photograph a boat belonging to their killers, according to the … Read more

What Triggered the Collapse of the Ancient Mayan Civilization? New Study Concludes Pages all – A historical study has uncovered the trigger for the collapse of civilization Mayans ancient. In the study, researchers looked at history over the past 800 years to conclude that Mayapan had been devastated by drought. Mayapan was the cultural and political capital of the Maya people in Yucatan Peninsula in the 13th and … Read more

Severe thunderstorms expected: the weather alert is triggered

One is coming to Friuli Venezia Giulia disturbance characterized by very strong thunderstorms. The region is already beginning to flow south-western currents at times unstable. Forecasts A front coming from the west and the arrival of cooler air at high altitude tomorrow will increase instability. But the evolution remains very uncertain. On mountain areas, showers … Read more

“The village is dead.” A quarter of a century ago, extreme rain in Moravia triggered a flood that took sixty lives

In many areas, there was a shortage of drinking water, power cuts and telephones were not working. All kinds of hygienic problems related to polluted water also began to manifest themselves in the flooded villages. The Chamber of Deputies unanimously approved the release of 900 million crowns to help affected areas. Crisis in the lower … Read more

When Diabetes Has Triggered Kidney Disease, These Signs Appear Around The Eyes

Kidney disease due to diabetes generally does not show symptoms in its early stages. REPUBLIKA.CO.ID, JAKARTA — Kadar blood sugar uncontrolled can make sufferers diabetes are at risk for various complications, including kidney disease. When complications Kidney illness As a result of diabetes occurring, there are several symptoms that may appear, including symptoms around the … Read more

Migraine sufferers beware! Your illness may be triggered

Migraine, which causes severe headache, is one of the most common diseases in society. Migraine is seen in one out of every 5 women and one in 10 men in Turkey. Migraine attacks can be seen 1-2 times a year in some, and many times in a month in others. When migraine is not treated, … Read more

Drought, first rationing: water disputed between Regions. And the limitations in the house are triggered

Prohibition of using tap water to water plants in private gardens and terraces, prohibition of filling swimming pools, washing private cars, in some areas there will be delivery times, use of water only for primary domestic uses and sanitary. While the whole of Italy continues to be suffocated by the grip of the heat and … Read more