Taking care of your microbiota during the third trimester of pregnancy is important for the baby’s belly.

On many points, you can influence the future well-being of your baby as soon as you learn your pregnancy, with very little rules to put in place. If we have chosen to tell you about this one in particular, it is because it is very common. It affects one in four children. Once a baby … Read more

Harry Potter actress is hospitalized for covid-19 during her last trimester of pregnancy

Written in CELEBRITIES the 6/3/2022 · 23:17 hs The actress Jessie Cave She has been hospitalized after contracting coronavirus during her fourth pregnancy. “Emergencies, again… Has anyone had covid in their third trimester and hit them like a ton of septa for weeks?” The English actress wrote along with a selfie of her baby bump … Read more

In the second quarter +338,000 employed, the unemployment rate falls – Economy

In the second quarter of 2021 there was an increase of 338 thousand employees (+ 1.5%) compared to the previous quarter and a growth of 523,000 units over the same period of 2020. Istat notes this. The economic growth is mainly linked to the growth of fixed-term employees (+226,000, +8.3) compared to an increase of … Read more