The main role is played by Dynamo, Zlín fans and the Ostrava wilderness. Bakoš is heading to Třinec!

Source: Libor Kožík, PSG Berani Zlín The Rams of Zlín got into a critical situation, balancing on the edge of the abyss. If they do not recover in the rest of the season and do not start winning like on a treadmill, after forty-two years, the highest Czech competition will definitely only be in the … Read more

ZOH 2022 | Nesrašil: Five Třinečák family at the Olympics is great! And that I’m not going? I don’t even want to comment

“I’m very happy for the boys, especially for David. He has done a lot, two world championships, but it will be his first Olympics. Maybe the boys can play together, just like in Třinec. It might suit them. The only thing for Třinec is that there are so many of them. It’s another example of … Read more

Třinec – Kladno 3: 2 PP, Extra-league leader worried at home, he won the victory over the Knights only in overtime

Six players returned to Třinec from Marodka, but they have recently dropped out of Kundrátek and Daň. In the absence of the Crow, Roman and Hrehorčák moved on to Růžiček until the first attack. Kladno was also weakened: Jágr, the most productive back to the Dotchin team, did not play, thanks to which Tomáš Voráček … Read more

Kladno reached a sensation in Třinec, in the end it has only a point after the Steelworks risk

The hockey players from Kladno led a goal in Třinec in the 58th minute, but in the end they lost 2: 3 in overtime. The decisive goal fell when Tomáš Plekance was eliminated, while Třinec multiplied his power play by recalling the goalkeeper. Mladá Boleslav, Plzeň, Hradec Králové, Litvínov, České Budějovice and Karlovy Vary are … Read more

The leader came across, Třinec lost in the extra-league hit on the ice of the second Hradec Králové 1: 5

Hokejový Třinec, the leader of the extra-league table, lost in the hit of the 36th round on the ice of the second Hradec Králové 1: 5. At home, České Budějovice also won 4: 2 over Pilsen, Karlovy Vary 6: 4 with Kladno, Liberec managed 4: 1 with Zlín and Vítkovice 5: 3 with Olomouc. The … Read more

Sparta – Trinec 5: 8, Trinec leads a wild victory from Prague, he scored eight goals for the first rival for the first time in history

The home guy got into the first promising chance of the match, but in the fourth minute he only hit the post. The guests thus took the lead. Hrehorčák took advantage of Machovský’s mistake in the pass and opened the score in the sixth minute. Subsequently, Sparta made several mistakes in the pass, the Steelmakers … Read more

Pardubice knocked down Sparta! Kladno suffered a shameful defeat, Třinec won the battle with Litvínov

The guests were the first to have a say in the match between Třinec and Litvínov, when he sent them to the leadership of Kudrno in the 17th minute. The home team did not experience a balance until thanks to a power play in the middle of the match, when Michal Kovařčík won. The dramatic … Read more

Pilsen decided in Třinec by throwing it out of its own zone. Thirteen seconds before the end

On Sunday, the 32nd round of the hockey extra league is on the program. Sparta lost to the raids with Olomouc, Litvínov defeated the White Tigers at home. The hockey players of Pilsen won the 32nd round of the extra league on the ice of the championship Třinec 3: 2. The match was decided by … Read more

The winning goal surprised both the goalkeeper and the shooter. I mainly wanted to get the puck as far as possible, Čerešnák confided

“We played weak, and when we won the bulls in the middle zone, I mainly wanted to get the puck as far as possible. He flew to the goal, but quite straight, so I didn’t expect it to be dangerous in any way. That it was a goal surprised me, the goalkeeper and all the … Read more

Olomouc surprised Sparta! Pilsen knocked down the champion, Kladno fell again

Sparta entered the match against Olomouc very well, when after 31 seconds she got into the lead thanks to Buchtel’s goal. However, the Prague team rejoiced from the lead only two and a half minutes, when Bambula took care of the equalization. The 31-year-old Prague striker entered the shooting list again in the 27th minute, … Read more