Medvedev Says Russia Needs Bigger Troops to Defend Itself

Medvedev Says Russia Needs Bigger Troops to Defend Itself. PHOTO/Reuters MOSCOW – Russia should increase the size his military to be able to defend yourself. This was stated by Dmitry Medvedev, former president and current deputy chairman of the country’s Security Council. “In order to successfully defend itself, Moscow needs an army with a mix … Read more

Russia needs hundreds of thousands more troops. The former president announced a new plan

The Russian armed forces should have at least 1.5 million soldiers. Former President and Deputy Chairman of the Security Council of the Russian Federation Dmitry Medvedev announced this in an interview with the TASS agency and other Russian media. Before the war in Ukraine, approximately 1.15 million men and women served in the Russian armed … Read more

Prince William Visits British Troops Near the Ukrainian-Polish Border

Jakarta – Prince William made a rare and unannounced visit to Poland on Wednesday. Prince William met British troops and Polish troops stationed near the Ukraine-Poland border while praising their “cooperation in support of the Ukrainian people and their liberties”. Reported by CNN, Thursday (23/3/2023), during his visit, Prince William visited the base of the … Read more

Prince William Secretly Meets British Troops on the Polish-Ukrainian Border

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Prince William from England made an unannounced trip to Poland on Wednesday, March 22, 2023. Prince William’s visit was to express his gratitude to the British and Polish troops involved in providing support to Ukraine. After meeting soldiers, he met with refugees fleeing conflict with Russia to hear their experiences. The heir … Read more

Classic match / Ichiro Suzuki did not comment on the performance of Supervisor Kuriyama leading the troops because his wife? | Classics | Sports

2023-03-23 17:09 Comprehensive report by United News Network The Japanese team won the championship with all 7 victories in this classic, and the head coach Hideki Kuriyama has been affirmed.Associated Press The Japanese Samurai team won the classic championship, and the supervisor Hideki Kuriyama retired after the game. After the game, he announced his resignation … Read more

Ukraine captures Russian officer who writes hard numbers of disabled troops in notebook | War Ukraine

Ukrainian troops have managed to capture a Russian officer carrying an interesting document near the hard-fought city of Voehledar. In a small notebook, according to the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense, he kept track of how many of his men were eliminated day after day. And the numbers turned out to be sobering. As many as … Read more

Head of Wagner declares that his troops are approaching the center of Bakhmut | Russo-Ukrainian War | Global

RussiaThe head of the mercenary group Wagner (Wagner) Prigezine released a video today, in which he declared that Wagner’s forces were approachingRusso-Ukrainian WarThe city center of frontline hotspot Bakhmut. In a video posted by Yevgeny Prigozhin on the messaging app Telegram, he stood on the roof of a tall building and claimed to be in … Read more

Ticker on the Ukraine war: According to Prigozhin, Wagner troops near the center of Bakhmut | Russian reservists are demanding military assistance from Putin

10.03.2023, 05:37 Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky has called for more sanctions against Moscow following Russia’s renewed missile attacks on the country’s energy infrastructure. There must be more pressure on Russia, Zelensky said in his evening video message distributed in Kiev on Thursday. He also criticized the fact that the Zaporizhia nuclear power plant, which was … Read more

China’s new leadership will be born How will Xi Jinping “deploy troops”? – BBC News Chinese

Your device does not support multimedia playback China’s new leadership will be born How will Xi Jinping “deploy troops”? March 6, 2023 Last updated: 2 hours ago In days, new allies and cronies of Chinese leader Xi Jinping are expected to take over senior government posts at the National People’s Congress. Analysts believe that this … Read more

“Chinese company supplied satellite images to Wagner troops in Ukraine”

Theme image — © DigitalGlobe/Getty Images The Chinese company Spacety has provided satellite images to troops of the Russian mercenary company Wagner Group in Ukraine. This was stated by a top US diplomat during a hearing of the US Congress. jvhBron: reuters Wednesday, March 1, 2023 at 9:04 AM Spacety is a space company specialized … Read more