Boris the troublemaker blew. It will not help to blame the pandemic and Putin

What was Boris’ secret? On the fact that he always efficiently combined the role of a politician and a celebrity jester. For years, he was one British politician who could turn her into a show, amusing audiences and improving their well-being. With his study of sloppy looks, streams of eccentric rhetoric, undeniable sense of humor, … Read more

Why is the planet Neptune called the troublemaker? Turns out this is the reason

PIXABAY/CharlVera The planet Neptune is nicknamed the trouble maker. – So far, various planets have unique nicknames by humans. Like Earth which is dubbed the blue planet, Jupiter is dubbed the King of the Planets to Planet Mars, which is dubbed the Morning Star. There is a planet that has a unique nickname, namely … Read more

Geňa’s unteachable troublemaker: PROHIBITION FROM A FRIEND

Not even after a few falls Richard Genzer the smile on his face hadn’t disappeared, and although many would have come to be in his skin, he himself could now wave a hand over some critical moments. Having a houseboat was Geno’s old dream, and when things could move, there was no reason to put … Read more