Electric Stove Program Canceled, Luhut: We Don’t Want To Hurry Up Then There Are Troubles

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Coordinating Minister for Maritime Affairs and Investment Luhut Binsar Panjaitan admitted that he was not fully aware of the latest developments regarding the cancellation of the conversion program to electric stove. “I have not update completely about it. Maybe something was found, so they put it off for now. So we don’t … Read more

Donald Trump’s legal troubles are piling up

1. Business malpractice New York State Attorney Letitia James spent three years building her case against the Trump Organization over massive corporate malpractices. The company, Trump himself, and three of his children are said to have deliberately overestimated their assets by billions of dollars with banks and insurers in order to get lower interest rates. … Read more

“With the Uniper affair, the German government of Olaf Scholz is not at the end of its troubles”

Rsystemic hazard: event that endangers an entire system. In this case, the entire economy of Europe’s leading country. The nationalization of the German gas supplier Uniper is likely to figure prominently in economics textbooks as an illustration of the phenomenon. After spending nearly 19 billion euros to try to save the company, Berlin is forced … Read more

Yutabon’s Study Go around Japan became a hot topic in “Crowdfunding Scams and Troubles” on NHK’s radio program “Mai Asa!” ? | Gadget Communication GetNews

Self-proclaimed boy revolutionary Yutabon & Yutabon Papa are currently studying around Japan on the “Yutabon Study No.” with the support solicited through crowdfunding. Recently, he has appeared on Korekore-san’s live distribution and Represent Fox’s live distribution, and has been a hot topic each time.In the representative program, it was a big response that “I challenged … Read more

The rare car market is not affected by macro-economic troubles

Although the rare and exclusive car market, like almost every other industry, has seen a slight cooling this year, industry experts say it has little to do with macroeconomics and financial markets, according to Bloomberg. Content will continue after the ad Advertising The exclusive car market, when compared to the stock market or the completely … Read more

A week in the economy: the troubles surrounding natural gas continue, “Rīgas satiksme” lacks drivers

Evaluating current events in the Latvian economy and business environment, “Delfi Bizness” has collected information on the most important developments of this week. Content will continue after the ad Advertising Also this week, discussions continued about the availability of gas in the fall and the expected increase in electricity prices. AS “Latvian gas” announced that … Read more

The troubles and mishaps of middle-aged dramas

The troubles and mishaps of middle-aged dramas 2022-08-17 10:02:14Source: Wen Wei Po Ma Lunpeng “Summer of Zhang Weiguo” (hereinafter referred to as “Zhang Weiguo”) was neither popular nor collapsed. The stories in the play are fragmented, and the style is absurd and quirky, all pointing to the problem of “middle-aged meals” in the play’s theme, … Read more

Gangsters Who Make Troubles in Purwokerto City, 16 ABGs Arrested by Banyumas Police

PURWOKERTOiNewsPurwokerto.id – Banyumas Police securing 16 ABG suspected of being involved in the sweeping that occurred in Purwokerto City on Sunday (14/8/2022) early in the morning. In addition to the 16 teenagers, the police also seized 6 motorcycles that were allegedly driven by the teenagers. The ABGs involved were transported by trucks and closely guarded … Read more

Ovarian dystrophy: The disease that troubles women

Soumaila Alama Traore – The Best Of Soumaila Alama Traore A disease of hormonal origin with an estimated prevalence of between 4 and 12%, ovarian dystrophy is one of the most frequent endocrine pathologies in women of childbearing age. Dr. Soumaïla Alama Traoré, gynecologist-obstetrician, researcher and head of service at Sikasso Hospital edifies us. Mali-Tribune: … Read more