Anadolu Efes’ troubles continue – Bayern slapped the Euroleague champions again

“Bayern” Munich (8-12) played a wonderful second half of the match and took victory from Turkey – 89:81 (24:21, 12:19, 23:24, 30:17). In the middle of the third quarter, Ergins Ataman’s students crushed the visitors 59:43 and it seemed that they would celebrate an easy victory. However, Bayern then responded with a powerful spurt and … Read more

In Dakar – troubles for the Czech crew: for an innocent desire – a fine of thousands

The board of commissioners of Dakar presented a decision on Wednesday that the Czech team is fined one thousand euros. The decision letter states that on Wednesday, the technical staff noticed that there was a video camera attached to the side of the helmet of crew number 501 co-pilot Frantisek Tomasek. Such modification of the … Read more

3 Zodiac Signs Will Have Money Troubles During January’s Waning Moon

The January lunation is charged with emotions and will strongly influence the signs of the zodiac. What’s more, being in the waning phase from January 7 to 20, the Moon is likely to cause exhaustion and reckless behavior. Indeed, this new cycle will have a negative impact on the life of certain signs of the … Read more

Troubles of the great rival Iga ¦wiątek. She was caught hiding the truth Tennis

Although the Australian Open is still two weeks away, the tennis world is already boiling. She contributed to it Aryna Sabalenkawho was caught in a lie. An additional problem is the fact that she missed the truth in a conversation with the official portal WTA. The fifth racket of the world concealed her trip to … Read more

Michelle Obama opens up about marital troubles: ‘I couldn’t stand Barack for ten years’ entertainment

For many people, Michelle (58) and Barack Obama (61) are an absolute dream couple. Two people who meet at eye level. Who love each other unconditionally. have a wonderful family. And change the world together. But their marriage, which often appears flawless on the outside, was in fact not always a cakewalk. “People think I’m … Read more

America is slowly emerging from the “storm of the century”. Troubles at airports continue

Updated Thursday 12/29/2022 12:07 PM Abu Dhabi time America is slowly emerging from a historic storm that killed at least 59 people, while its impact continues in the Buffalo area and at airports. In recent days, the United States has witnessed heavy snowfall and a sudden drop in temperature, and bad weather has caused great … Read more

More troubles for the Premier League star. New allegations surfaced

Other 21 min. The Pole will be an NBA star? This simulation leaves no illusions! Jeremy Sochan is currently the only Pole playing in the best basketball league in the world – NBA. The 19-year-old began his professional career with the San Antonio Spurs, who selected him with the ninth pick in the draft. Currently, … Read more

Finals of the DIM as a visitor leave a great memory and many troubles

9 League finals has been played by the Powerful since the short tournaments began. The youmost significant title that Independiente Medellín has achieved in recent years he did away from home. The fans of the team adhere to this fact, who maintain the illusion that the red team will achieve, next Wednesday in Pereiraare seventh … Read more

Want to use Safari to read articles but the page is always full of ads?Turn on “reading mode” to solve your troubles

Is anyone also a fan of Reading Mode? When most iPhone users usually use their mobile phones to find food notes, crawl news, and read articles, the default browser should be Safari, right?But every time I click on the webpage, the first thing that greets me is not the content of the article I want … Read more