Slavia defeated Teplice and remains in the lead. Coach Trpišovský spoke about the development of the defense – SportyŽivě

Prague’s Slavia won the league for the fifth time in a row and remains at the top of the league table after winning 3-0 over Teplice. The stitchers entered the match better and after a quarter of an hour of play, they took the lead thanks to Nicolae Stancia’s direct kick. After 42 minutes, Jan … Read more

Trpišovský: Restrictions didn’t help anything last year, I don’t know if it will help this year

Slavia’s footballers are very disappointed that after further tightening of government measures against coronavirus, attendance will be reduced again and only one thousand spectators will be able to enter the stadiums on Friday evening. Prague coach Jindřich Trpišovský is not sure whether further restrictions will help. The limited capacity will affect the weekend’s 16th round … Read more

Coach Slavia Trpišovský spoke about the duel between Ondřej Kolář and Aleš Mandous. According to him, who is number one now? – Sports Live

He came to Prague’s Slavia only in the summer, but he has already caught eleven matches for the team and is a great competition for the long-term support of Ondřej Kolář’s team. Red and white coach Jindřich Trpišovský has now revealed how he perceives both goalkeepers. „I think so that the best catch and play … Read more

Slavia’s summer reinforcement from Denmark does not shine yet. His biggest problem was his weight, Trpišovský admitted – SportyŽivě

Danish youth representative Mads Emil Madsen has not yet performed in Prague’s Slavia, but according to coach Jindřich Trpišovský, his full commitment is approaching. In the summer, Prague’s Slavia paid about 25 million crowns for Linz, Austria, but Danish midfielder Mads Emil Madsen has not yet established itself in Eden. However, according to coach Jindřich … Read more

Tvrdík is not stupid and he learns quickly and Trpišovský has not said the last word yet. This is Chvalovsky’s opinion

The former chairman of the CMFS, František Chvalovský, would not put the Chinese who owned Slavia in the same bag with Sheriff Tiraspol or Shakhtar Donetsk, which, according to him, are artificial teams with a bold UEFA subsidy and income only from the owner. “Not that it bothers me, it irritates me. As for the … Read more

Coach Slavia Trpišovský praised Lingra after the cannonade against Pardubice. He was not satisfied with Krmenčík, he compared him to Pohlreich

For the first time this year, Prague’s Slavia has moved to the top of the table. After a five-goal victory against Pardubice, the stapled coach Jindřich Trpišovský spoke about the form of Ondřej Lingr and the performances of Michael Krmenčík. Krmenčík, Krmenčík, Lingr, Lingr, Ekpai. Prague’s Slavia showed a dominant performance in the second half … Read more

How important it is to have a Mandouse. Without him, Slavia would not be the first. And why did Trpišovský change during the break?

A WALK THROUGH THE LEAGUE EVENTS Just two weeks after the 2: 2 draw in České Budějovice, the master Slavia lost seven points to the leader Victoria Plzeň. Now, after the 14th round (with results Plzeň-Olomouc 0: 0, Pardubice-Slavia 0: 5, Karviná-Slovácko 2: 2, Sparta-Teplice 4: 2) before Sparta and three before Slovácko. What has … Read more

Yes Boss! In evaluating Krmenčík’s performance, Trpišovský remembered Pohlreich

Striker Michael Krmenčík helped the Slavia footballers in Sunday’s match of the 14th round of Fortuna: Liga with two goals to win 5-0 over Pardubice. The coach of the red and white ensemble Jindřich Trpišovský was reminded of his performance by the evaluation of the dishes of chef Zdeněk Pohlreich in the popular show Yes, … Read more

In evaluating Krmenčík’s performance, Trpišovský remembered chef Pohlreich

Striker Michael Krmenčík helped the Slavia footballers in the 14th round of the first league on the Pardubice field with two goals between the 58th and 63rd minutes to a crushing 5-0 win and a move to the top of the table by a point ahead of Pilsen. However, he found himself in the offside … Read more

I had nerves, did not hide Trpišovský. And he was glad the fans didn’t whistle for his team

Slavia Prague goalkeeper Aleš Mandous and coach Jindřich Trpišovský after the match with Pilsen Vlastimil Vacek, Right Even though you knocked down the league leader in a direct confrontation and celebrated a 2-0 win, you don’t look very happy. Pilsen plays really well and I was looking forward to football up and down. I don’t … Read more