What vegetable corresponds to your zodiac sign

Aries Sweet pepper Aries see only the negative or the positive in everything, for them there is no golden mean. They like to wear lavish and bright clothes and be the center of attention. Their temperament perfectly matches that of a sweet red pepper. Aries are never bored and usually become the soul of the … Read more

The coalition of the sworn criminals, the violators of the Constitution and the badjans is leaving

“The president is part of the group that overthrew the government,” Cornelia Ninova said angrily yesterday. Another shameless hypocrisy of Cornella. The same as the red lines for which he was allegedly going to leave the government – the record arms export to Ukraine and the veto on Macedonia. It is not correct Ninova. If … Read more

Which country should you immigrate to according to your zodiac sign?

Aries Colorful Spain You can easily get to the celebration of colors, emotions and passion by going to sunny and exciting Spain. Aries is a constant source of energy, enthusiasm, curiosity and vitality. In this country, no one will humiliate your inner impulses, on the contrary, consider that the key to your heart has already … Read more

Risky asset: China sold US government debt

China’s holdings of US government debt fell below $1 trillion for the first time in 12 years. Large-scale anti-Russian sanctions have undermined confidence in the main reserve currency. Inflation, which has been at a record level for 40 years, does not add optimism. At the same time, not only Beijing has sharply lost interest in … Read more

Ursula von der Leyen to recognize the Austrian language too!

It is good that the lady with the aristocratic name knows the historical details when she so enthusiastically embraces Mitko Kovachevski and praises his beloved “Macedonian” language EU candidates in Skopje to write in their Constitution that Macedonian is a recodified form of Bulgarian in 1945 These days, along with the negotiations surrounding the formation … Read more

Vladimir Putin: We will always defeat the West at the front

It is better to seek peace talks now We have not yet started the serious work in Ukraine They want to fight with us to the last Ukrainian Russian President Vladimir Putin has warned that Russia has barely begun its military operations in Ukraine and challenged Western countries supporting Kyiv to try to defeat Russia … Read more

Assoc. Valentin Vacsev, political scientist, to “Trud”: Spies jump in our country like rabbits in a forest clearing

Putin’s problem is not in Ukraine, but in the Kremlin and around the Kremlin How to get out of the political crisis in our country? What’s next – a new government or new elections? What will be the consequences of the expulsion of 70 Russian diplomats? Has the war in Ukraine intensified and how will … Read more

The discount of 25 cents per liter of fuel will not be for everyone: Who can use it?

The text for a 25 percent discount on fuel prices enters into force within 3 days after its promulgation in the State Gazette, which actually happened today. This was stated in the morning block of BNT by Andrey Delchev from the Bulgarian Oil and Gas Association. “If today they return you 25 cents per liter … Read more

Why did Russia’s army leave Snake Island?

“As a springboard for an offensive, it is not interesting,” Rear Admiral Sidyakin said Rear Admiral Admiral Sidyakin told what the value of Snake Island is for the armed forces of Russia and Ukraine. The Russian Ministry of Defense announced the voluntary withdrawal of its military from it. However, from a military point of view, … Read more

The US is changing its aim in the battle with Russia

Decisive influence is exerted by the successes of the Russian group, which are the result of the successful strategy and tactics adopted by the Russian command for conducting combat operations The West expected that Russia would be defeated very quickly The West wanted, prepared and expected a war between Russia and Ukraine, believing that Russia … Read more