Yes from the Senate to trust in the Bills decree: the provision with the penal shield for tax evaders is law

Ok to the conversion into law of bills decree. The classroom of Senate he approved it by voting his confidence in the government with 99 votes in favour, 54 against and 2 abstentions. It was approved at Camera last May 18: even then the government raised the question of trust. The provision contains rules for … Read more

Trust Gaming GXT 833 Taduo TKL Keyboard –

Keyboards are interesting things, really. In recent years, with working from home and all the other lovely perks of modern society, our trusty keyboard has quite possibly become our most valuable accessory. Gamers have been aware of this possibility for some time, leading to “gaming” keyboards set at premium prices, offering features like fancy lights … Read more

Guo Shiqiang: The Guangzhou boss trusts me 100%

Original title: Guo Shiqiang: The boss in Guangzhou trusts me 100% News on May 20, recently, Guangzhou men’s basketball coach Guo Shiqiang accepted an exclusive interview with “New Express”. Guo Shiqiang has coached the Guangzhou team for three years. This year, Guo Shiqiang renewed his contract with the Guangzhou team for five years. Talking about … Read more

Map of the Distribution of Ganjar, Anies and Prabowo Voters in the Trust Survey

Jakarta – Executive Director of Trust Indonesia Research and Consulting Azhari Ardinal said competition Anies Baswedan and Ganjar Pranowo are so tight in the Voter segment. Azhari said that Prabowo Subianto tends to be a dark horse. “From here, we can see that there is a fairly fierce battle between Anies and Ganjar. So, where … Read more

“I didn’t expect it, thanks for the trust and support” (Photos and videos) –

“I am really proud to have received so many preferences, I didn’t expect this exploit. I have always worked for the whole party and our whole team to be represented but I didn’t expect so many preferences. Thank you all for your trust and support. Now we need to go back to voting and I … Read more

Retirement: half of French people do not trust the state and save on their side – 05/10/2023 at 14:14

According to a survey, 48% of French people prepare for retirement themselves. (artwork) (Pixabay/Alexas_Photos) According to a study recently published by BPCE, 48% of French people say they are saving for their retirement. In total, only 32% of respondents say they trust the state to protect them from the risks of life. The French no … Read more

Mattarella, social cohesion is measured by giving young people a future – Politics

“The social cohesion of the country is measured by the ability to give a future to the younger generations by creating a climate of trust”. This was supported by the President of the Republic in a message sent to the national president of the Forum of Family Associations APS Gianluigi De Palo. “Appropriate housing, fiscal … Read more