Popfolk star sells t-shirts

© A large number of Bulgarian stars have created their own brands, most of them betting on t-shirts spelling out phrases from their most famous songs. The last one who pleased his fans is Iliyan. The singer of the hit “Tupalka” relied on two cult quotes from his songs. One reads: “You’re a yaka tupalka”, … Read more

T-shirts, memorabilia and offers .. How to make a fortune in the name of “Michael Jordan”? | other sports

According to news reports, the jersey worn by American basketball legend Michael Jordan during his final season in the NBA will be auctioned next September with an opening price of up to $5 million. Despite the conclusion of his career 20 years ago, the presence of the American basketball legend continues to be at the … Read more

Mobile Suit Gundam Cucurs Doan Island: Atypical Doanzaku on T-shirts Gundam goods one after another –MANTANWEB

MS-06F Doan’s exclusive Zaku-inspired T-shirt “Mobile Suit Gundam Cucurus Doan’s Island MS Motif T-shirt” (Bandai) that appears in the movie version of the anime “Mobile Suit Gundam Cucurus Doan’s Island” (Director Yoshikazu Yasuhiko) being sold. RX-78-02 Gundam T-shirts are also available in the lineup of T-shirts designed with irregularly shaped Doanzaku shields. The price is … Read more

Homecoming Participants Wear ‘Anies President’ T-shirts, Gerindra Takes Bang Napi’s Quote

Jakarta – The ‘Anies President of Indonesia’ T-shirt worn by the DKI Jakarta Provincial Government’s free homecoming participants was heavily highlighted. Gerindra DKI Jakarta said the Governor Anies Baswedan it should be wiser to remind his staff about issues that will cause public reaction. Deputy Chairperson of the DKI Jakarta DPRD from the Gerindra faction, … Read more

“We read the inscriptions about the ship on T-shirts.” US Diplomats Traveled to Lviv, Kyiv Later: Photo – Ukraine News, Politics

On April 26, employees of the United States Embassy in Ukraine arrived on Ukrainian territory for the first time since the start of the war. This is reported in Twitter embassies. Read us in Telegram: verified facts, only important “It’s great to be back! Today, members of the embassy team went to Lviv to meet … Read more

Wow! Visit to Brebes, President Jokowi and Reward One Car, Share T-shirts

President Jokowi and Central Java Governor Ganjar Pranowo as they get out of the presidential car. [Dok Pemprov Jateng] Central Java Governor Ganjar Pranowo accompanied President Joko Widodo’s working visit to Brebes, Wednesday (13/4/2022) SuaraJawaTengah.id – Governor of Central Java, Pranowo reward accompanying work visits President Joko Widodo ke BrebesWednesday (13/4/2022). A number of activities … Read more

Garnett’s Emotional Evening: He T-Shirts and Reconciled with a Comrade

Garnett, who wore No. 5 in Boston, didn’t hold back his tears when he and his daughters picked up a cloth with his number next to his companion Paul Pierce 34th. “The first thing I did after coming here after the press conference was come here and look at the ceiling. I stated that not … Read more

Mandarin and 18-year-old Fabienne Wiśniewska parade in t-shirts with the inscription “NO WAR”, leaving the breakfast studio (PHOTOS)

There were times when Michał Wiśniewski i Mandarin they were considered to be the chief “it-couple” of the domestic entertainment industry. Today, 16 years after their divorce, the red-haired star and author of the hit “Ev’ry Night” can still count on a lot of media attention. It is no different in the case of their … Read more

The T-shirts with the inscription “USSR” with which the Russian hockey players caused excitement – Sport

The Russian hockey team, which participated in the First Channel Cup tournament, was in the spotlight, but not with its performance, but with its clothing. The team played with T-shirts with the inscription “USSR” on the chest. This infuriated former Finnish Prime Minister Alexander Stubb. He wrote on Twitter that he was surprised and disappointed … Read more

Visit Trenggalek, Jokowi Distributes T-shirts by Throwing it at Residents – FAJAR

FAJAR.CO.ID — President Jokowi visited Trenggalek. When passing, Jokowi distributed t-shirts by throwing them from the car. In the video circulating, President Jokowi is seen sitting in a black car with a red plate with the words ‘INDONESIA’ written on it. The car walked slowly down the road, escorted by Paspampres dressed in brown and … Read more