Microsoft has fixed the Patch Tuesday bug that caused the VPN to break in Windows 10 and 11

Microsoft has fixed the Patch Tuesday bug that caused the VPN to break in Windows 10 and 11 Eric Lawson Microsoft’s monthly patch updates Tuesday are aimed at Windows in general to fix Problems, but not always the way things are. The January updates, released last week, caused quite a few problems for businesses in … Read more

Did you observe a “ball of fire” in the Belgian sky this Tuesday evening? Here are the explanations

If you have the impression of having observed a “ball of fire” this Tuesday evening, you were not dreaming! A “bolide” did indeed cross the Belgian sky at 9:19 p.m. sharp, reports the Royal Institute for Space Aeronomy of Belgium. A racing car – or fireball in English (fireball, editor’s note) – is an extraterrestrial … Read more

Microsoft fixed a bug Tuesday in the patch that caused the VPN to break in Windows 10 and 11

ARISH LAWSON Microsoft’s monthly patch updates Tuesday for Windows is commonly referred to agree on problems, but it is not always so. The January updates, released last week, caused some problems, especially for businesses. A very serious bug, especially for people dealing with infected remote work systems. Disconnect some kind of VPN connection. A few … Read more

Quinté+: The top races of Tuesday January 18

R1 – Vincennes C1 – Prix de Brionne: Golden Haufor Gull on the Ash C5 – Prix de la Baule – Hibiki de Houelle on the rise Considered like a second knife on paper, the gelding of Franck LeBlanc made the difference in full track in this Pick 5. Driven by Frank Nivard, this … Read more

Vincennes: Goéland d’Haufor dominates a Tiercé of favorites this Tuesday in Vincennes

Quinté – Vincennes: The favorites were present this Tuesday in the quinté prix de Brionne at the Vincennes racecourse with the last word for Charles Bigeon and Goéland d’Haufor against Cyrano de B. and Usain Töll Prix ​​de Brionne: Third success of the meeting for Goéland d’Haufor A 2700 meters which however started with a … Read more

The price of the euro today, Tuesday 18-1-2021

The price of the euro fell against the Egyptian pound today, Tuesday 18-1-2022, in banks operating in Egypt, recording in the National Bank of Egypt a price of 17.80 pounds for purchase, and 17.97 for selling, compared to its price yesterday, which was recorded at 17.83 pounds for purchase, and 17.99 for sale, and in … Read more

The dates of the African Nations Cup matches today, Tuesday, January 18, 2022, and the carrier channels

Today, Tuesday 18-1-2022, will witness the second day of matches in the third and final round of the group stage of the 33rd edition of the 2021 Africa Cup of Nations, which started on January 9 in Cameroon and will continue until February 6. It is scheduled to meet Senegal with Malawi in the second … Read more

Coronavirus ONLINE: A record 28,469 infected in the Czech Republic on Tuesday. The number of people in hospitals has increased slightly

Criminalists accused a 44-year-old man from Vlašim in the Benešov region of spreading a contagious disease. Although he was positive for the coronavirus, he did not remain in isolation and moved without respiratory protection among others. Among other things, he endangered firefighters intervening in the fire of his house and police officers who stopped him … Read more