Michelle Soifer wears a daring look by showing underwear and Tula Rodríguez “destroys” her: Is it too big for you?

Michelle Soifer was one of the guests on Everyone’s Mouth and more than once she has drawn attention for her daring looks. On this occasion it was Tula Rodríguez who was very surprised by the outfit presented by the singer, who arrived with jean pants at her hip and showing part of her underwear. On … Read more

Tula Rodríguez and “Chiquito” Flores: how did their love story begin and why did they end? | shows

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Tula Rodríguez confesses: “Now I see my ex, we have met on trips and everything” | Gino Barbieri | Xavier Carmona | | entertainment

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Christian Meier to Tula Rodríguez after giving her acting classes in the past: “You are my best student” RMMN | SHOWS

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Tula Rodríguez on Instagram attends a party until dawn and receives shouts from her father Don Tulo: “Where have you gone?”, video

They caught his attention. the tv host tula rodriguez left behind the conflict she had with the children of her late husband Javier Carmona about the assets that he would have left in his inheritance. Now, the well-known television host, she concentrates on enjoying her life, going out dancing and, above all, sharing quality time … Read more

Roberto Martínez surprises with a live “complaint” against Tula Rodríguez: “They wanted to blackmail me”

Roberto Martínez publicly claimed the request made by Tula Rodríguez behind the scenes. “But no, I won’t,” he replied. Robert Martinez was the guest of the sequence “Looking for the queen of the coconut tree 2022” of On everyone’s lips and in his presentation he surprised with a “public denunciation” against tula rodriguez. The competition … Read more

Tula Rodríguez closes all its beauty salons: “Now I pay for my services” | Tula Spa | Entrepreneurship | Instagram | entertainment

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Lucas and Tadeo Carmona spoke after great controversy was generated by the inheritance left by the late Javier Carmona. Through a statement, which was broadcast on the program “Magaly TV: La Firme”, it was revealed that the television manager’s assets were divided between his three children and the host tula rodriguez. “There is no desire … Read more

Rodrigo González about the daughter of Tula Rodríguez | EYE-SHOW

This Friday, May 6, 2022, during the “Love and Fire” program, Rodrigo Gonzalez lashed out tula rodriguez and accused her of “using” her daughter to defend herself against accusations of Lucas and Tadeo Carmonaeldest sons of Javier Carmona. “La Tula defending herself as best she can, saying what do I know, what occurred to her … Read more