Syphilis Becomes the Entrance – Radar Tulungagung

TULUNGAGUNG – Syphilis or lion king disease can be the entry point for transmission human immunodeficiency virus (HIV). This is because the wound is caused by bacteria Treponema pale This is the entry point for the disease. The use of contraceptives during sexual intercourse is an effective preventive measure to prevent the transmission of sexually … Read more

Confession of the husband of the head of the village of throwing babies in Tulungagung, embarrassed to have children from illicit relationships

TRIBUNNEWS.COM – The police named RY (45) and WY (30) as suspects in a case of violence against a baby boy in Pojok Village, Ngantru District, Tulungagung Regency, East Java. At first, RY claimed to have found a baby boy in a cardboard box, in the rice field area of ​​Pojok Village, on Monday (20/3/2023). … Read more

The husband of the village head in Tulungagung admits to finding a baby, it turns out that his own child is the result of an affair

TRIBUNNEWS.COM – The husband of the village head in Tulungagung, East Java, has been in the spotlight for a while. His name is Riyanto (45) who claims to have found a baby in a cardboard box. After being traced, it turned out that the baby was his own child, the result of an affair with … Read more

Chronology of the Pondok Tegalrejo Family Accident on the Solo Toll Road, Returning from Recitation in Tulungagung

KARANGANYAR – Family stop The Nurul Hasan Tegalrejo Islamic Boarding School (Ponpes) in Tegalrejo, Magelang, suffered a fatal accident on the Solo – Kertosono Toll Road or the Solo – Ngawi Toll Road, also in the Gondangrejo District area, Karanganyar Regency, on Saturday (25/2/2023) at 03.05. Karanganyar Deputy Chief of Police, Kompol Purbo Adjar Waskito, … Read more

Tulungagung Health Office Delivers Mitigation and Prevention of Chikungunya TULUNGAGUNG |||In response to the Chikungunya outbreak that has affected hundreds of residents, the Tulungagung Health Office (Dinkes) conveys steps to prevent and deal with it. Based on the records of the Tulungagung Health Office, an outbreak of disease caused by the bite of the Aedes aegypti mosquito was recorded as of Friday (27/1) … Read more

Beware, the Chikungunya Outbreak in Tulungagung is Increasingly Widespread, Tulungagung – Chikungunya outbreak in County Tulungagung, East Java began to spread. Initially, the epidemic that caused the sufferer to experience sudden fever spread to Gilang Village, Ngunut District, but now it has spread to surrounding villages. “After Gilang Village, Ngunut District, now they are found in Pulosari Village, Ngunut District and Sidomulyo Village, … Read more

“Going Home from Selling Soto, Suddenly There’s a High Wall Closing the Road” Page all – Widiastuti did not expect a 2.5 meter high wall to block the road to her house in Beji Village, Boyolangu District, TulungagungEast Java, Monday (19/12/2022). The wall was built by his neighbor Riyanto on Monday morning. As a result, four members of the Widiastuti family were isolated at home because there was no … Read more

The Story of a Couple PLWHA in Tulungagung Who Want to Be Open, 2 Years of Being a Victim of Discrimination

SURYA.CO.ID, TULUNGAGUNG – The family happiness of the couple Juni (49) and Dasri Dwi Setyorini (45) was almost taken away because HIV/AIDS. However, now the husband and wife have the courage to open up and admit that they are Orang dengan HIV/AIDS (ODHA). In fact, both are actively netting PLHIV and become counseling for high-risk … Read more

PMII Muspimnas in Tulungagung Leads to Chaos, Deputy Minister of Religion and Cak Imin Immediately Evacuated!

Writer : Give it to Davina TULUNGAGUNG, KOMPAS.TV – An uproar broke out when Deputy Minister of Religion Zainut Tauhid Saadi read President Joko Widodo’s remarks on the stage. Suddenly, from the side of the hall on the campus of Sayyid Ali Rahmatullah Tulungagung State Islamic University, East Java, participants threw chairs at each other. … Read more