There was talk of a turning point in the war in Ukraine: the assumptions have already been made

“In August, we are starting five courses for Ukrainians,” the minister told LRT radio on Tuesday. He emphasized that the training of specialists in the use of modern weapons increases their effectiveness and therefore plays a very important role in modern warfare and helps Ukraine defend itself more effectively against the aggressor Russia. “That’s why … Read more

Linas Lekavičius about his brother Lukas: talent, career turning point and tough character

Linas is the older brother of Lukas, who plays for “Žalgiris” Kaunas. The basketball player, who will celebrate his 38th birthday at the end of the year, defends the honor of the “Šilutė” team in the National Basketball League (NKL). After studying in the USA, Linas Lekavičius started his professional career with Vilnius “Sakalai”, later … Read more

30 minutes after entering the bride..a groom ends his life in an ugly and unexpected way, turning her head gray!!

An Egyptian groom ended his life 30 minutes after the end of the wedding ceremony, in the Badrashin area of ​​Giza. Investigations indicated that a young man committed suicide in the bathroom after stabbing himself several times, intending to end his life. In the details, the bride went to the toilet and found her groom … Read more

War is at a turning point, but the question is whether Ukraine can sustain it

Last month, Ukrainian President Volodimir Zelensky announced a counter-offensive in southern Ukraine. It is remarkable that you tell your enemy what you intend to do. But a conscious move, says professor of war studies Frans Osinga. He shows his people: we are capable of this. There is light at the end of the tunnel. In … Read more

Ukraine, Palle Ydstebø | The expert sees a turning point in the Ukraine war: – About to change in Ukraine’s favour

The war in Ukraine is approaching half a year, and reports are coming from both sides about attrition and significant losses of personnel and material. In recent months, the toughest fighting has taken place in the Donbas region of eastern Ukraine, and several reports concluded that Russia was advancing initially. In recent weeks, however, some … Read more

Hungarian Prime Minister Orbán fears turning off EU money tap, goes wild

Reuters NOS News•Friday, 22:22 Abroad, the racist speech given by Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán in Romania caused a great deal of controversy, while in Hungary itself there was only a weak protest. Last weekend, Orbán spoke out sharply against the mixing of European and non-European ‘races’. Yesterday, the prime minister was whistled during an … Read more

Brembo: The revolutionary Sensify brakes work. It is the biggest turning point since ABS – Magazín – Auto

The renowned Italian brake manufacturer is launching the biggest revolution in recent decades. Its “miracle” brakes regulate the brake pressure on each wheel individually. They will probably have their premiere in Tesla. Photo: Brembo Brembo Sensify – 2022 The Sensify brakes will be controlled by actuators, i.e. fully electronically, without the need for a mechanical … Read more

Turning off the lights in municipal buildings and introducing cold showers in Germany – NRK Urix – Foreign news and documentaries

The city of Hanover will be the first big city to turn off its hot water. There will now be cold showers at swimming pools, outdoor pools, sports halls and gyms. In addition, public fountains are closed. The city’s town hall, museums and other sights will be without lights at night, writes the German online … Read more

Housing market is turning: haggling possible again – Radar

For years, home seekers had to bid against each other to get their hands on a home. Negotiating with the seller was rare. In the meantime, haggling is happening again, brokers report, according to De Telegraaf. ‘We see that the market is turning. Bids are declining, viewings are declining. Brokers and consumers just have to … Read more

After all, how much more do we spend for turning on the air conditioning in the car?

O summer and the heat came in force and, as such, the high temperatures have not let up. Traveling in a car these days has been a difficult task if we don’t turn on the air conditioning. Therefore, most motorists have been driving around with this extra attached. However, associated with this extra is extra … Read more