Panda Has Dark Circles On Eyes, It Turns Out That’s What They Use

Jakarta – Ever heard of the term panda eyes? usually the term panda eyes is used to indicate black circles in the eyes. Actually, what is the use of dark circles on the original panda eyes? If you pay close attention, pandas don’t only have round heads, like to eat bamboo, and gentle temperaments. But … Read more

A page turns for the chip shop “Chez M’Biau & M’Belle”, a real institution in Mons-Borinage: “Thank you for supporting us for so many years”

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Michaela Dorfmeister turns 50! From “Mundl” to Olympic champion

It has been 17 years since Michaela Dorfmeister ended her skiing career in March 2006 after 14 World Cup seasons. The fairytale story of the Vienna-born city girl’s journey to becoming a double world champion and Olympic champion has not been repeated to this day. On Saturday, March 25, the Lower Austrian will be 50 … Read more

This Beautiful Russian Television Presenter Turns Out Not Human

Russian local television stations show digital presenters with artificial intelligence (Artificial Intelligence). Photo/RT MOSCOW – A local television channel in the southern Stavropol region Russia launches the artificial weather presenter, which has been created with the help of some neural networks. Svoye TV premiered its new programme, dubbed ‘Future Forecast’, on Tuesday. The television channel … Read more

The “Flachländerin” – “Gold-Michi” Michaela Dorfmeister turns 50

“I’m doing very well,” reported Dorfmeister shortly before her birthday when asked by APA. However, as Vice President of the Lower Austrian Ski Association, she is concerned about the climate and lack of snow for young skiers, especially from eastern Austria. In private, Dorfmeister has long been happily in a relationship again after earlier turbulence … Read more

Swapping Ramadhan Sananta? PSM Makassar Turns Out to Have Deal with Ex-Persija, Fix Join Next Season – Ramadhan Sananta is one of the players called Shin Tae Yong to join the Indonesian national team. Together with Dzaky Asraf and Duo Sayuri, Ramadhan Sananta will be spoiled by Persija midfielder Witan Sulaeman’s classy pass. Reportedly Ramadhan Sananta cs will face Burundi on the upcoming FIFA Matchday. Indeed, Ramadhan Sananta’s performance in … Read more

Scientists Find a Single Galaxy, It Turns Out to be a Former Cannibal!

In the darkness of the universe, various galaxies hold many secrets. Because it is far from human sight, it takes a short time to reveal it. Recently, astronomers discovered the latest facts about a galaxy far from Earth. Seen for yourself, who would have thought that a galaxy had actually eaten the galaxy around it? … Read more

Venus Turns Out to Have a Volcano, Here’s the Appearance

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Venus apparently has one active volcano. The mountain that was detected near Maat Mons is reportedly still emitting lava. Volcanoes on Venus were actually detected in the early 1990s. At that time, the NASA Magellan plane captured data on the presence of volcanoes on the planet’s surface. But to expand on … Read more

The husband of the village head in Tulungagung admits to finding a baby, it turns out that his own child is the result of an affair

TRIBUNNEWS.COM – The husband of the village head in Tulungagung, East Java, has been in the spotlight for a while. His name is Riyanto (45) who claims to have found a baby in a cardboard box. After being traced, it turned out that the baby was his own child, the result of an affair with … Read more

Scenario of the village head’s husband, admits that he found a box containing a baby, it turns out that he is suspected of being the product of his illicit relationship

TULUNGAGUNG, – The police finally arrested the suspected baby dumper in Pojok Village, Ngantru District, Tulungagung, East Java. He is RY (45), a man who is the husband of the village head. RY became the first person who claimed to have found the baby. “It’s true, in a short time the perpetrators of throwing … Read more